Sunday, December 30, 2012

EXPECTATIONS 2013 (c) By Polly Guerin

Expectation by John William Godward
Let the New Year bring great expectations!!!

Expect things to change for the better

Ban bitterness from your letter

You are better off than before

Don’t doubt, even the score                  

Keep the window of opportunities open

Even before the good is spoken

Expect things to change around

Stand fast on solid ground

Don’t talk yourself out of the good

Your expectations are understood

Be grateful for lessons of the past

Disappointments never last

Abundance is yours in every way

Expectations fulfilled along the way

Look forward with joyful anticipation

It’s your life to fulfill with creation

Get excited about transformation

A life renewed with elation

Vision good coming your way

Spontaneous results without delay

Pursue the desires of your heart

Begin now, as the New Year starts.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


When voices and instruments come together

The world unites; everything seems better

Each singer plays an important role

While instruments complete the call

A soprano or tenor may sing a solo

They contribute to the whole

The orchestra’s sound is bold

But harmony reigns in its soul

The song of peace in voices raised

To curtail war with fervent praise

I share my song of peace with others

Everyone join in sisters, brothers

Harmony uplifts the world

War is seemingly curtailed

The song of the world unites

Ends conflict and domestic strife

The song would be incomplete

Encouraging singers we seek

To engage the world’s voices

Peace and joy are our choices

So as I sing my song and plead

Please; Let harmony intercede.

Image: World Peace Choir is an intellectural choir project, coming together to sing, singing for a better future.

Monday, October 8, 2012

INNER BEAUTY (c) By Polly Guerin

Inner beauty far outlasts

Its silent message does not blast

But radiates with good intentions

Affirms with wisdom, and did I mention

The more we focus on inner beauty

Genuine peace and balance is our duty

With comforting words of praise confirming

Elevate those in need without sermoning

Calm, cultivate, considerate learning

Giving comfort where hearts are burning

Lift up those from sadness or recent loss

Gently stroke their story without force

And stir up feelings of renewed pride

Never let ambition or happiness slide

Encourage strength and inner glow

With life-confirming words I go

About the day with heart on fire

An inspiring truth is what I desire

Responding eagerly to positive sound

The world is made better all around

Stylish clothes may outwardly renew

But inner beauty is forever true.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

THE STREAM OF LIFE (c) By Polly Guerin

The ever changing attitude of the stream

At once calm and quiet reflects our dream

Sometimes it rests dormant in shallow waters

And gives us time to pause in our quarters

To reflect upon the never ending steady course

Yet at times life speeds forward without remorse

A day interrupted may bring change in the narrows

Steady on we overcome obstacles stifling sorrows

There is something about water, the sea, the pond

That soothes life’s tribulations with silent sound

Though hardship may seem an inescapable end

Look to the gentle waters to calm and surrend

With the slightest change in the water’s flow

Like the stream, life continues, this we know

We maneuver away from obstacles in our path

Facing challenges with renewed vigor, not wrath

Knowing our actions determine the flow of life

Whether it be more peaceful or full of strife

Reach instead for the gentle pools to comply

While the water’s well-spring brings supply.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

COURAGE (c) By Polly Guerin

Courage does not always loom large

It can be a small voice that barks

A simple comment at the end of the day

That dispenses courage without delay

To know you’ll try again tomorrow

Forget disappointment and sorrow

Unleash your creative spirit and soar

Unfettered by naysayers and bores

Take the journey back to yourself

Put the inner critic on the shelf

Determine to rise to higher acclaim

Let hope and possibility be your aim

Surprise yourself to do something new

Believe in success even when you’re blue

Honor and encourage your intuition

You’re heading on a different mission

Live life like you had another chance

Dance in the moonlight and find romance

Challenge optimism determined to rename

Write a brand new story and a new refrain

Embrace change and become a new you

With courage and conviction to renew!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

SWEET BIRDSONG (c) By Polly Guerin

Where have all the sweet birdsong gone

The happy, chirping, cheery, cherished song?

The city cacophony muted, dimmed their voice

Drummed out by noise they had no choice

The city sparrow seems the bravest of all

But I do not hear the fair Robin’s call

Even the Blue Jay has left the city park

He’s gone off to find a mate before dark

A woodpecker once lived behind a brownstone

But he is there no more, his work dethroned

The city barren of songbird’s happy sounds

Concrete and steel, nature cannot rebound

Sea gulls come up from the east side

Flying in the city canyons with pride

But they too are silent in their flight

A welcome diversion they leave by night

Pigeons claim the streets as their own

Their flocks bring not a whimper but roam

Somewhere nature is beckoning our desire

It’s beauty yet to set our hearts on fire

The loss of the dulcet sounds of nature that soothe

Soon enough, you yourself may be silenced and brood.

Monday, September 3, 2012

POSITIVE JOY (c) By Polly Guerin

A cloud or two may suddenly appear

Only temporary setbacks never fear

Sparkling days are yet to come

Scatter beams of joy to everyone

A sunny outlook will warm the day

Cancel disappoint along the way

Express joy actively and renew

The spirit of positively feeling true

Radiate joy from the center of your heart

Your happiness granted from the start

Joy is infused with wonderful power

Quickens the mind no need to cower

Joy fills the environment all around

It silences negativity with sonic sound

A joyful heart spreads its positive rays

Let your joy shine happiness and praise

Joy emanates from your inner glow

Producing order and satisfaction to know

That a joyful heart stimulates gladness

In a world so full of needless sadness.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Our hearts are full of wonder

Our dreams leave us to ponder

To create the life you want to unfold

Envision it now and picture your goal

Accept the results with jubilation

Prepare to accept congratulations

Keep faithful watch on your success

Know it’s just a matter to manifest

Now is the only time there is

Seize the present moment, live!

Be enchanted greet each day

Thankful  on the flute we play

Now is the time to liberate the past

Let the radiant light of love be cast

Practice laughter, laugh out loud

Let everyone know you’re proud

See everything in a new bright glow

Be enchanted turn on the light show

And conjure up spell-binding magic

Enjoy the “Now”, and be ecstatic

Practice joy, sing life’s praises

Do it now, but do what you love!

* Josephine Wall Fantasy Art Painting

Polly Guerin

Monday, July 2, 2012

CHILDLIKE WONDER (c) By Polly Guerin

Looking at art with childlike wonder

I search for distant lands and ponder

Can I become an inventor of dreams?

The creator of unlimited schemes?

Who makes the world a better place?

Accepting the beauty in every race

The spacious generosity of art

Transforms the view from the start

Keep that childlike sense of awe

A sensitive heart before you draw

Choose divine ideas to unify

Hear the heartbreak, a child’s cry

Reach out with expansive arms

Embrace the downtrodden in alarm

Prepare for a new way of thinking

Even through your heart is blinking

Find infinite solace in the art of being

Faithful, sensitive and seeking

Widen your vision and release doubt

Awaken to a new vision, live out loud!!!

Image: Oil on Canvas based on the "Frog Boy" sculpture overseeing one of the ponds at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. His delight in the ponds and the frogs with which he cavorts is infectious.

Polly Guerin

Monday, June 25, 2012


Come closer; let me whisper in your ear

There are many secrets to be told, my dear

I’ll remind you of those unfulfilled dreams

You have put aside, holding back it seems

Forget the improbable, remember to affirm

Commitment to perform, can be learned

Lift up your expectations for life’s journey

Unburden hindrances and arise yearning

Let an inner smile broaden on your face

Remember you're going to win the race

It becomes reality and you feel reborn

Forget naysayers, who want to scorn

Every chance you get, keep your vision

Your unlikely ambition has arisen

Listen, I’ll tell you of impossible things

Treasures that life’s journey brings

Linger longer; let me whisper in your ear

There are so many surprises for you to hear.

Friday, June 15, 2012

HEART'S DESIRE (c) By Polly Guerin

Let’s go to the land of our heart’s desire

Where the sweetness of life sets us on fire

There find safe harbor for fondest dreams

What need for you to care for schemes?

Come away with me oh foolish child

To the winter of our life and be so mild

I’ll kiss your lips and hold your legendary hand

For time is fleeting, do you not understand?

There’s not much more time for lingering on

Love’s sweet song is not in the abyss, beyond

Don’t let love pass with a goodbye glance

For now I’m saddened with circumstance

Oh come away with me my foolish child

With the fairy hand in hand we will glide

And mend all the broken heart’s weeping

And dance the magic of love before sleeping.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

PLANTING THOUGHTS (c) By Polly Guerin (inspired by Monet's Garden at the New York Botanical Garden May 17, 2012)

As I  dig deeper, thoughts come seeping

While I’m watery, weeding, weeping

Like seeds the desires of the heart planted

Continual patient care, nurturing granted

Do not disturb their silent germination

Learn planting patience and creation

Like a gardener, a caretaker of life

Sunlight, a happy disposition suffice

Your desires will bear fruit in time

In orderly manner like nature recline

And worry not, how life will unfold

Plant positivity, be brave, be bold

Watch thoughts bud like a flower

Rain will come gladly, let it shower

Plant beds of wisdom, re-set goals

A gardener’s perennial is never sold

But determined, persistent to the end

All is well! Plant your dreams, my friend!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


By Polly Guerin 4/24/2012

Procrastination is the fault
Tomorrow I’ll do it!

I’ll volunteer for something
Take piano lessons or sing

And how about that course
I planned to register but lost

Out on life’s destiny moment
Even maybe write a sonnet

But I’ll do it when I retire
At least before I expire

Yet, one day I’ll do it!!!

One day turned into a week
You see I’m becoming weak

One day turned into a month
Procrastinating I was sunk

One day turned into a year(s)
Now there are so many tears

The days, the years pass so fast
The opportunity did not last

Don’t put things off and off
Let your creativity soar

It’s not too late, get started,
Be glad, not downhearted

Decide to do it “Now
Watch everyone say “WOW”!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SYMPHONY OF THE CITY (c) By Polly Guerin

The city hisses, belches and moans

No pity for pedestrians who roam

About their journey in unending noise

Gives us cause, don’t panic but poise

Yet, the tiny sparrows chat a dusk
Great storytellers chirping with lust

In a constant search and forage
Within the empty concrete forest

The honking traffic floats up to my window
Ghastly sounds interrupt dreamy venue

Yet, the great seagulls tour the skies
Up from the river I hear their cries

The fire engines blare their grim warning
Piercing even in the wee hours of the morning

Yet, the black crow from the park nearby

Complains Caw Caw, then off he flies

Every week there’s a crash on the corner
Taxi and car, you bet, someone’s a goner

Yet, the little oasis by the Church middle
A trickle fountain plays its sonic fiddle

Isolated plugged-in people in the crowd fade
Ignoring blossoms in the gardens on parade

Yet, Cherry blossom trees sing a pink serenade
With golden and red tulips dancing in the glade

A little feisty dog with a stupendous bark
Rips through the quiet soundscape park

Yet, a grey squirrel embarks solo on the street
A Brownstone city dweller I have yet to meet

The only wild animals are the pedestrians
Their backpacks whacking in all directions

Yet, some days the sun shines like a prism
And releases us from this noisy prison

Where the sweet sparrow’s chirping song
Reminds me, Alas, this where I belong.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Blazing yellow forsythia dances into spring

Row after row the first bushes rise and sing

The state flower of Brooklyn, New York

Forsythia borders houses, field and fork

In the road forsythia ambling on declares

Its place in parks, cascade rocks beware

Wildflowers a riot of rainbow colors emerge

Blooming first a 'beauty blossom' is so rare

In the bloom of spring butterflies take flight

Spreading their happy rebirth now in sight

While busy builders birds build nests

To fledge their young and do not rest

Till the work is done a song is sung

And the leaves burst from slumber

Bursting forth green and cherry blossom

Pink drifting over forest and city streets

Renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth such joy

An explosion of blooms now deploy

Reminds us, marvel at nature's beauty

A gift bestowed without any duty.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Remind us daily to forgive and forget
There is so much more joy ahead

Remind us daily to smile at a stranger
Brighten the daily, you be the arranger

Remind us daily to reflect on it all
Don’t regret, spend time to recall

Remind us daily, the good and the sad
Happy is your reward and be glad

Remind us daily to focus on what’s right
Press the delete button on a negative site

Remind us daily to look into someone’s eyes
Speak words of encouragement you are so wise

Remind us daily tell someone they’re doing great
Compliments spread joyfulness, it’s never too late

Remind us daily to do amazing things
Where symphonic music makes us sing

Remind us daily how beautiful we are
Rising like an angel right here, not far

Remind us daily how talented we are
Hitch your wishes on a brilliant star

Remind us daily friends are a treasure
Always there to listen, give pleasure

Remind us daily pet’s unconditional love
A blessing to everyone, sent from above

Remind us daily to give thanks for each day
Revel in the glorious renewal don’t give it away

Remind us daily to pour love into encounters
Your happiness soars eliminate bounders

Remind us daily that there so much more in store
New heights of ascend be honest to the core

Remind us to be generous to befriend the meek
Sleep like a baby when you reach your peak

Remind us daily you’re the master of your fate
Start on a new regime it is never too late.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

DREAMCATCHER, Weaver of Tales (c) By Polly Guerin

Become a dreamer, weaver of tales
Dreaming big, bigger never fails

Expand your vision beyond the pale
See yourself successful, never fail

Secure in your house dream in peace
Doubts, fears therein will release

Protected inner space, no one to pry
Sheltered dreaming, it’s alright to cry

Don’t let self-pity overwhelm
Seeds of greatness you have sown

Expand your vision; you’ll be fine
Dream the dream, one day at a time

See yourself accomplishing your dreams
Reality is never quite what it seems

Find your own secluded place be inspired
Dreamers are victorious, never tired

Realize that dreams are a special gift
With solid expectations, do not drift

Stay on a steady course to port
A dream is precious, never bought

Yours’ alone to overcome all odds
There’s more ahead to deeply prod

Be the reaper of dreams, inspire friends
The never-ending dream never ends!

Polly Guerin
PollyTalk From New York

Monday, February 20, 2012

INFECTIOUS JOY (c) By Polly Guerin

I see it in a radiant face
As delicate as fine Alencon lace

Infectious joy surpasses moods
A beautiful smile always soothes

Love of life energizes uplifts
Softens stress and drifts

Into the stillness of a park
Stroll in nature on a lark

Breathe in the verdant air
Trees emerge, never were there

Radiate with awe and wonder
Color your life and ponder

With gratitude a new kind of joy
Infectious laughter like a girl or boy

Fill your basket with gifts of love
Distribute kisses like a dove

A happy heart is irresistible
Hugs and big hugs are permissible

Give love and watch love’s return
It’s something we have to learn

Your love for life surpasses ages
Your bountiful joy be contagious.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Don’t let critics downplay your dream
Adversity is not all that it seems

Just a small nick in your great plan
Even if they grunt don’t understand

Stay focused to the triumphant end
Supported by loyal, inspired friends

Select those who champion you
In every effort it is your due

Soar to heights beyond measure
Even small joys be your pleasure

Your conviction never swayed
Success is yours rolling on a wave

Rushing to shore to claim victory
Applause awaits your synergy

Against all odds your dream peaks
Awards await the patient one who seeks

Rise up with accolades and honor
Your golden years be much fonder

The pinnacle of achievement scores
All congratulations and honor be yours.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A New Year---a clean slate
Life is short, don’t hesitate

It’s time to clear the decks
Neaten up our minds, no regrets

Begin today, embrace change
Accept a real chance to rearrange

Identify your secret happy place
Quiet down get out of the race

Dare to dance in the gentle rain
Wash away all the angst, the pain

Create new possibilities to win
Newfound happiness and grin

Speak words of comfort and soothe
Gratefully acknowledge, never rude

Practice simplicity, speak with love
Quite the critics hold your head above

Say “Yes” to the journey back to yourself
Be ladylike and gracious, never selfish

For life is more precious than gold
Choose to live it with a spiritual hold

Live as if you been given one last day
Make it your mantra don’t delay

Be with those who help your being
Release useless relationships, begin singing

Accept life’s tangled dance and flatter
Believe in healing, mind over matter

Mend broken hearts, begin anew
Reborn to be a Brand New You.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 YOUR HAPPIEST YEAR YET!!! (c) By Polly Guerin

So many reasons to be thankful
for little things
Small unassuming treasures
that life brings
Greet a frown with a smile
linger a little while
Give an optimistic word or two
before the chat is through
Soften a tear, a disappointed heart
encourage at the start
Spread joy throughout the day
clear gloom away
Stop complaints with a compliment
be it sincerely meant
Bring a sunshine personality and convey
cheerfulness all the way
As the joyful holiday season unfolds
peace and harmony foretold
A new year unfolds a brand new day
don’t fritter it away
Off with outdated points of view
rejuvenate be true
Make room for new vitality and health
get off the shelf
Discover new found prosperous ideas
more brilliant than previous years
It’s time to prioritize your needs first
put other demands in reverse
Recharge yourself in a serene place
resume a happy face
See good things keep coming your way
patiently plan each day
Make 2012 your Happiest Year Yet!!!