Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Why dost thou wear a frown
Underneath your queenly crown?

Negativity will wear you down
Even if you haven't uttered a sound

Don't prod around with a sullen face
Restore your outlook with grace

Lines and farrows will clear
Let go of the old, my dear

Every little thing you do
Creates inner beauty, it's true

Smile a little smile each day
Watch your cares melt away

Do something nice for a stranger
Be the one who is the arranger

Rewards are great, for all you do
Telltale lines smooth out, it's true

A natural face-lift is the gift
Look in the mirror, vow to shift

Your attitude bring in the new
Forget what lies behind, review

And sing a song of praise each day
Own positive change along the way

Live life with love and lots of laughter
Concerns be gone is what you're after

Even all the little things you do
Creates inner beauty, it's true

Reflected in a new youthful you
A priceless face lift is your due!