Thursday, September 2, 2010

BROKEN PIECES (c) By Polly Guerin

Family and The Broken Tea Cup by J.A. Stewart

How can I mend a broken heart?
Each jagged piece is where I start

This tiny broken angle is a fragile part
of a treasured teacup bought on a lark

It began on Spring Day, joy to savor
Something wonderful was in our favor

Life unfolds with many twists 'n turns
Like these broken pieces I learned

The glue of life reminds me anew
Of opportunities before we knew

Though rainy days will surely come
Keep courage up before you're done

Amazing things are in God's plan
Gluing the teacup pieces says 'I Can'

Reap the rewards that are on their way
Be prepared mend the cup, don't delay

Mold the teacup into a positive whole
Make solid affirmations your goal

Count your riches family, friends
Your joyful renewal should never end

Abundant life 'n health your cup is full
Gluing teacup pieces all you need do.