Sunday, November 25, 2012


When voices and instruments come together

The world unites; everything seems better

Each singer plays an important role

While instruments complete the call

A soprano or tenor may sing a solo

They contribute to the whole

The orchestra’s sound is bold

But harmony reigns in its soul

The song of peace in voices raised

To curtail war with fervent praise

I share my song of peace with others

Everyone join in sisters, brothers

Harmony uplifts the world

War is seemingly curtailed

The song of the world unites

Ends conflict and domestic strife

The song would be incomplete

Encouraging singers we seek

To engage the world’s voices

Peace and joy are our choices

So as I sing my song and plead

Please; Let harmony intercede.

Image: World Peace Choir is an intellectural choir project, coming together to sing, singing for a better future.