Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 YOUR HAPPIEST YEAR YET!!! (c) By Polly Guerin

So many reasons to be thankful
for little things
Small unassuming treasures
that life brings
Greet a frown with a smile
linger a little while
Give an optimistic word or two
before the chat is through
Soften a tear, a disappointed heart
encourage at the start
Spread joy throughout the day
clear gloom away
Stop complaints with a compliment
be it sincerely meant
Bring a sunshine personality and convey
cheerfulness all the way
As the joyful holiday season unfolds
peace and harmony foretold
A new year unfolds a brand new day
don’t fritter it away
Off with outdated points of view
rejuvenate be true
Make room for new vitality and health
get off the shelf
Discover new found prosperous ideas
more brilliant than previous years
It’s time to prioritize your needs first
put other demands in reverse
Recharge yourself in a serene place
resume a happy face
See good things keep coming your way
patiently plan each day
Make 2012 your Happiest Year Yet!!!

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