Saturday, September 30, 2017

ADIEU to SEPTEMBER By Polly Guerin

Summer lingered into September
Hot and humid I do remember

Everyone made, Do, to survive
Waiting for Autumn to arrive

Alas, a cold blast drifted in
The end of September did begin

The cool aroma filled the stifled air
Everyone gladdened, fall appeared

Rejoicing the city trees sang a song
Urged autumn leaves to come along

Painterly color dressed in crimson red
Brushed with gilded beams instead

New beginnings marked the season
Pumpkins, apple picking good reason

Herald the opening of the new year
With outlook favorable, and my dear

 Enjoy the glorious autumn glow
Count the days now before they go

September's grand finale closes in
Savor these treasured days and begin

For too soon it will be winter's tale
Comes round so swift with the pale.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


One word, just a pleasing smile
Is all it takes to begin, beguile

Anyone, even a seeming stranger
Let happiness in, be the arranger

Of unsolicited good where you go
Be kinder today, you never know

An when you speak from the heart
A connection unites, has a start

Now a chance to change the world
Reveal wisdom and words unfurled

Speak from the depth of a frozen heart
Melt differences before they even start

Fill days with heartfelt compassion
Curtail concealing, even rationing

Be tenderhearted and then forgive
Enrich your spirit and joy to live

One word, just a pleasing smile
Is all it takes to begin, beguile.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


There once was a man named Stephen
Sent down with a plan from Heaven

To create for the date La Fete Polly
And make her birthday so Jolly

Sheltered by an Oriental screen
A private party set the party scene

A Champagne toast in crystal glass
Thai tastings in multi layers lasted

Red wine poured out at every course
This celebration plan was the source

Every minute detail not overlooked
So he wrote a note in a memory book

"La Fete Polly will last for years to come"
And that, my dear, records a day of fun!