Monday, December 2, 2013

CHRISTMAS REVERIE 2013 (c) By Polly Guerin

Christmas came too soon this year

Said I, “Give me Time” it was clear

The days marched forward in a flash

My calendar’s schedule did clash

Holiday parties took up the space

On a fast course I joined the race

But, one day I set back to recall

The days past when it was fall

Give me back sweet September

Those halcyon days I remember

And October’s blissful autumn s

Ended so swiftly, I did not know

How to put time back now in reverse

Is the world accelerating? What a curse!

So let’s treasure the time we have untold

Enjoy each moment before we are old

With upbeat expectations greet the holiday

Be glad we are here for this I sincerely pray

Good tidings to all; have health and good cheer

May it be a splendid and less hectic New Year!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

FICKLE FROST (c) By Polly Guerin

(Image: Winter's Frost by Shadrach Ensor)

Must the frost of winter come so soon?
Autumn left behind was still in bloom

Summer’s languid days were the best
Gave us time to ponder, time to rest

Yet winter snaps her fickle frigid finger
We rush home alone, we do not linger

Ensconced in the cocoon warmth of our abode
We curl up in cozy fleeces to beat the cold

And confined here by the fickle frost
Alas, what care I, if at times I get lost

In winter’s lounging longing nights
Seeking silent sentiment until the light

When daybreak casts its golden hue
Over the mysterious brooding brew

And awakens our solemn silent slumber
A new day breaks with wakeful wonder!!!

Polly Guerin is the author of THE COOPER-HEWITT DYNASTY OF NEW YORK (History Press 2012)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A SOLDIER'S CHRISTMAS 2013 (c) By Polly Guerin

Somewhere in a silent night

Where angels begin their flight

The snow blankets the earth

Newfound peace we search

Mysterious snowflakes on the windowpane

With untold stories of a soldier’s pain

Somewhere a mother’s loving lullaby

Recalls a cherished child bye, bye, bye

Muffled voices heard round the world

Storyteller’s lament those lives unfurled

Safe are we tucked securely in our bed

Cold comfort that the soldiers led

So we who dream on the midnight stars

Remember those young gone away so far

Into foreign lands where they died

A world full of pity too late cried

Somewhere the sad bells are ringing

Yet the angels rise up and singing

Have you heard the loss is profound?

Tears cannot wash away the sound

And a mother’s heart is broken

Silent night, not a word spoken

Look at the wondrous star in sky

Yet we wonder, “Why, Why, Why!!!”

Polly Guerin: Author: Cooper-Hewitt Dynasty of New York (History Press 2013)

Sunday, September 29, 2013


The countryside is ablaze with autumn leaves

Red, russet, burnt sienna before the freeze

They burst forth shedding their verdant glory

Renewing life it’s like a newborn story

Gold leafed splendor by the painterly brush

The colors are life changing, rich and lush

T’is time for you to make changes, too

Throw off the old mundane cloak, renew

With crimson red for enthusiasm as trigger

Embrace the passion with new found vigor

Vibrant yellow for courage and laughter

It’s a new outlook that you should be after

The angelic blue sky every true and serene

Exudes cool confidence, fosters dreams

Golden orange is ablaze, warm this year

With your outgoing nature that’s clear

It’s not quite winter, some green remains

A preferred color of genius, never the same

And pink-tinged forest buds remind us

Romance is forever charged with love

A new season, a new life changing time

Take a cue from autumn leaves’ prime

Change your colors and your attitude

Don’t get stuck in the gray latitude

Move into a colorful spectrum today

Open up the rainbow and begin to play.

Polly Guerin Author: Cooper Hewitt Dynasty of New York (History Press 2012)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

BITTERSWEET REFLECTIONS Autumn 2013 (c) By Polly Guerin

Life can be bitter and sweet at the same time

Like the woody vine its berries cling and climb

Its prolific orange and yellow berries system

Resembles weapons of judgment and criticism

It does its worst in a blaze of autumn glory

Like life’s complaints it’s the same old story

Its thick leafy vines overtake trees and shrubs

Even grasses eventually succumb to its rubs

Smothering other participants like the leafy vine

You too may over-compete an take over in time

Don’t let tempers flare up under any phase

In a few weeks the woods will be ablaze

Producing a mixture of pain and pleasure

Bittersweet resembles life in every measure

Yet its perennial beauty makes a pretty wreath

Instead it is peace and harmony we seek

Take a new path, adopt a fresh perspective

Don’t let cliinging vines curtail your exit

Every bittersweet memory brings a treasure

Discards pain and renews pleasure.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I hear the water lapping, snapping at the shore

I wonder, I ponder what it has in store?

Slurp, slurp, blurt the waves dance on the sand

Rushing, lashing the shore from some distant land

A journey deep in the mysterious watery core

Never wavering steadfast against the tides of war

Traveled through the ages to reach new ground

Bearing with it the slurppy, slapping sound

The rhythmic whispering waves of one's life

Resounds in the pattern of the water’s strife

The pounding surf thrusts itself against the shore

Sending out all the pain that we may have bore

I hear the cry the crashing waves from the depths

Renewing spirit and soul—renewing future steps

The slurping, sloshing sound beats upon the shore

Releasing all the tangled angst I ever felt before

Taking with it all concerns and heartbreak

The water clears the mind, does not forsake

But renews the heart to find the depths of love

An ocean of happiness sent from nature above

Like the repetitive waves be patient with yourself

Put concerns of yesteryear away on the shelf

The force of the waves' unfaltering perseverance

Embrace its challenge with strength and clearance

Refreshed the rhythmic waves roll out their hum

Go softly, gently forward, now claim the sum!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.... By Polly Guerin

Delete, delete, delete…..
Wrong thinking curbs success
The past is past no regrets
Spoken words manifest negativity
Become a reality stifle positivity
Keep you from your best potential
Stay convinced with credential
Turn of f the negative recording
Reprogram your mind, warning
It prevents reaching your destiny
Set your mind on an upbeat key
Don’t give negativity the time of day
Delete thoughts that get in the way
Move forward on a high pitch
You’ll conquer every glitch
Give yourself a pat on the back
Ignore any naysayer’s slack
Move forward to the ultimate bliss
Engage life fully and don’t resist.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DON'T GIVE UP (c) By Polly Guerin


By Polly Guerin 7/8/2013

Your dreams are so very close

Remember your first propose

Keep the passion candle burning

Seeking final solution, yearning

Stay steady on a positive route

Don’t let your ideas become mute

Take a trip on the success boat

Strong to the wind stay afloat

Success is just around the bend

Don’t give up dreaming to the end

Reap rewards in the winner’s lane

Even if denied celebrity or fame

Know you sailed the rugged course

In safe harbor you’re never lost!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nature's CHORUS OF PRAISE (c) By Polly Guerin

Ode to Celestial Music of the Spheres! By Jorge Luis Somarriba
No instruments needed---

Harmonies of the universe rejoice

Unite each day in varied choice


As the morning awakens each day

Bursting forth in joyous sunray

Hum along---

As twilight ushers in birdsong chatter

Night brings insect songs to scatter

Chorus Sings---

Nature unites in brilliant orchestration

Song of the Spheres from nation to nation

Creativity Inspired---

Vibrations of nature’s pulsating heart

Listen intently letting creativity start

Ripple Effect---

A pebble thrown upon the placid water

Spreads ripples of rhythmic order

Attune to Nature---

Leaves dance to the baton of the breeze

Rainbow flowers yearn to please

Colors Unite---

Nature changes her seasonal dress

With colors to dazzle and impress

Bringing Joy---

The sounds of nature heal and cure

Step into the garden unlock the door

Happy Again---

The harmony of motion rocks us to sleep

Pure notes of a lullaby for a child to keep

Peaceful Moments---

Like a prayer, music of the spheres

Brings comfort and love over the years


Comes peacefully on soft waves of love

Sent to us as a gift from heaven above.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

SOME DAY, A Procrastination Ditty (c) By Polly Guerin

I told myself I would do it later

But it never got done, I was on the run

You’ve got talent someone said with force

So I thought I’d take a creative course

But registration’s notice came and went

The time was wasted and poorly spent

Idling the hours opportunity passed me by

I’d ponder and wonder why I did not try

I’ll make that call I’d cheerful chime

Really, I’d protest “As soon as I have time!”

But I forgot the promise right on the spot

Good intentions evaporated gone to rot

I’ll write that thank you note very soon

But I procrastinated from May to June

And forgot, ‘Golly I thought it’s deplorable’

The way these things become ignorable

I’ve put things far off from time to time

It’s conduct unbecoming, for shame a crime

I’ll do it soon, some day, I’d did protest

These demands put me to the ultimate test

However, by now you should know the rest

Alas, procrastinators heed my humble warning

The day of your comeuppance is really dawning

Time accelerates, opportunities fast run out

Even before you protest and boldly shout

“Someday I promise I will do it,” my friend

But some day may never, ever come again!

Monday, April 8, 2013


The Bridge of Sighs, circa 1903-4, John Singer Sargent
There’s nothing that engages our cultural pursuits more than art exhibitions and poetry, two elements of creativity that feed our passion for beauty in all that elevates our imagination. This time in Brooklyn, my friends. The very best to date. Here’s the Scoop!!!

JOHN SINGER SARGENT WATERCOLORS Breathtaking, delightful, engaging, colorific are words that describe the first expansive Sargent watercolor exhibition in twenty years combining holdings from the Brooklyn Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The Brooklyn Museum’s watercolors feature scenes of Venice, Mediterranean sailing vessels, intimate portraits, and Bedouin subjects. The watercolors in the Boston collection feature subjects from Sargent’s travels to the Italian Alps, the villa garden near Lucca, and the marble quarries of Carrara, as well as portraits.
Not to be missed, this once-in-a-generation opportunity opens your vista to see Sargent’s oeuvre like you have never seen before. This landmark exhibition of ninety-three, jewel-like watercolors provides an unexpected sampling of Sargent’s most superb watercolor work. Among the most engaging in the Brooklyn collection, is The Bridge of Sighs, a translucent and opaque watercolor with graphite and red-pigmented underdrawing depicts a vigorously painted view of gondoliers at work. Bedouins, a work of expressive force and coloristic vibrancy was completed during Sargent’s travels in Syria, while Medici Villa, reveals the artist’s love of formal Italian gardens. The Cashmere Shawl engages your attention and illustrates the virtuosity of Sargent’s grand portraits for which the artist is renowned. Corfu: Lights and Shadows is a brilliant exploration of the colors and tones of sunlight and shadows cast on brilliant white surfaces.
Select works throughout the dazzling exhibition are paired with videos that show a contemporary watercolor artist demonstrating some of Sargent’s working technique. In conjunction with the exhibition, a number of public programs are offered: April 20, 27, May 4, 18. Saturday, April 27, at 2 p.m. the subject is “Painting Sunlight,” with curator Erica Hirshler. Through July 28, 2013 at Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY Tel: 718.638.5000.

LORCA IN NEW YORK: A CELEBRATION In June 1929, at a time when young writers and painters dreamed of living in Paris, Federico Garcia Lorca, Spain’s greatest modern poet and playwright, broke boldly with tradition and sailed for New York. His nine months, here followed by three months in Havana, changed his vision of poetry, the theater, and the social role of the artist. Lorca came to New York to study English but devoted himself instead to writing “Poet in New York,” a howl of protest against racial bigotry, mindless consumption, and the adoration of technology.
The exhibition of manuscripts, photographs, letters and personal items on view through July 20, 2013 coincides with Farrar, Straus & Giroux’s publication of a new edition of “Poet in New York,” the poems Lorca wrote during his stay in new York City, from 1929-1930. In 1936, the poet left the manuscript of Poet in New York on the desk of his Madrid publisher with a note saying that he would be ‘back tomorrow,’ probably to discuss final details. He never returned.
Weeks later, at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, he was brutally murdered by fascist elements in Grenada, his body thrown into an unmarked grave. At the New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Gallery. Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6p.m.; Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m. FREE. A schedule of events can be found at

Ta Ta Darlings!!! Sargent’s watercolors are a dreamy exhibition that captures the imagination of far off places. Fan mail welcome at Polly’s Blogs are best accessed at her website Just click on the link in the left-hand column for visonarymen, womendeterminedtosucceed, poetry or fashion.

Monday, March 18, 2013

APRIL IS NATIONAL POETRY MONTH:Richard Jaffe Counts the Ways It Fuels Success

5 Reasons Why You Benefit by Writing Poetry!

In Celebration of Nat’l Poetry Month, NBA Co-Owner

Counts the Ways It Fuels Success

April is National Poetry Month, inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets to celebrate poetry and its vital role in American culture. The academy sponsors events such as the star-studded Poetry & the Creative Mind gala (April 17 at the Lincoln Center) and mass-appeal activities like Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 18), when everyone is encouraged to carry a poem.

“I love April, and not just because of my birthday and all those Final Four games!” says Phoenix Suns co-owner Richard Jaffe, a successful entrepreneur and avid poet who recently published his first book of poetry, “Inner Peace & Happiness; Reflections to Grow Your Soul” (

“We would be wise to celebrate America’s poetry because it’s an art form that does as much -- sometimes even more -- for the writer as the reader. Poems inspire, educate and cleanse. And now that writing has become more abbreviated with blogs, text messages, tweets and the like, the time is perfect for poetry to make a big comeback.”

Jaffe, says writing poetry stirs his soul and fuels his entrepreneurial creativity.“The process of exploring my thoughts and feelings and expressing them in symbolic word images exercises my creativity in a fun way,” he says. “I think it makes me sharper and, the more I explore the well of my imagination, the faster it fills again.”Everyone would benefit from writing poetry, whether they want to share it or not! He offers five more ways we can benefit:

1. Improves cognitive function. Learning new words (he’s never without a Thesaurus), working out meter (math!), and finding new ways to articulate our thoughts and feelings (communication) are all good for the brain. Want to get smarter? Write poetry!

2. Helps heal emotional pain. Grief is one of the most painful emotions we experience, and it’s also the source of some of the world’s most inspirational poetry, Jaffe says. “When I have experienced a profound loss, the act of putting my feelings into words or memorializing and paying tribute to those who I lost is extremely cathartic,” he says.

3. Leads us to greater self-awareness. Most of us don’t have the time or desire to just sit and aimlessly ponder the meaning of our lives or what makes us deeply happy. Writing poetry gives us a constructive way to do that. Not only does it help us explore and gain insight, we have something to show for all that “inner reflection” when we’re done.

4. Provides a gift of inspiration or education to others. One thing we know -- we are not alone! “Universal questions, fears and emotions are called ‘universal’ because everyone, no matter what country or culture they’re raised in, experiences them,” Jaffe notes. Once we’ve done the work of exploring and finding our own answers, we can help others by sharing them. “I like to share my poem ‘Eternal Happiness’ because it describes what I’ve found to be the source of my own eternal happiness,” he says.

5. Celebrate! For some things, balloons and cake just don’t suffice. “Proposing to my wife, the births of my children, their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, falling in love -- these were among the most emotionally powerful, joyful times of my life,” Jaffe says. “Thanks to the poems I wrote at the time to capture those feelings, I can experience them again and again.”

If you’ve never tried your hand at poetry, Jaffe encourages you to give it a go in April. You can share your poem with him by tweeting a link to @rbjaffe or posting to his Google+ group, “Inspirational Poetry,”

About Richard Jaffe
Richard Jaffe is one of the owners of the NBA Phoenix Suns basketball team, a successful business leader and longtime philanthropist. Most recently the CEO of Safe Life Corp., a medical technology company, he also founded Safe Skin Corp., a latex glove manufacturer (acquired by Kimberly-Clark Corp.) and Nutri-Foods Int’l, a frozen dessert company (sold to the Coca-Cola Co.) He is a member of the U.S. Golf Association’s Presidents Council and a supporter of numerous charitable projects. His first published book of poetry, “Inner Peace & Happiness,” is a reflection of the values and lessons learned in business and in life. He and his wife of 28 years, Ann, are the proud parents of three grown children.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A MOTHER WAITS (c) By Polly Guerin

A mother’s love is the inner source

Her devotion is on a steady course

Though heartbreak comes, and it will

Her steadfast faith is strong, and still

Her courage amazes despite reverse

No complaint has strength to search

Within her heart for guidance to reclaim

The glory of the family’s given name

Taking pride in even the minutest detail

Her praise ignites inspiration, never fails

To take control of doubt and fear

Her faith is strong year after year

Children are the pearls in her value purse

Childhood memories center in her universe

Countless days provide pondering dreams

Of a house of gay cacophony, in reams

Of children’s laughter in those halcyon days

Memories she cherishes in the scrapbook page

Yet, she gave her all when they were tots

Her stewardship of their life not forgot

A mother waits with boundless patience

Satisfies but little when alone and anxious

Expecting a dear child to knock on the door

That’s all she hopes for, I do implore.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NEVER ENDING LOVE (c) By Polly Guerin

Love that never ends

Safeguards family and friends

It transcends sad heartache

When the mind might break

True love is heavenly, spiritual

Channels positivity and miracles

Strengthens patience and reserve

Gives out the love that you deserve

Slow down recharge and rest

Love and be loved is the best

Reach out give praise, support

As children we were once taught

To unite in heart with everyone

Every day before you are done

With words loving and effective

Bring harmony and be selective

Create happiness, and cherish

Treasured memories do not perish

But keep us focused on the gift

A day of loving thoughts can give.

Friday, February 8, 2013

TRY ON ABUNDANCE (c) By Polly Guerin

Too often people focus on what is lacking

They spend their time dull and slacking

In the safe harbor or discontent

They feel comfortable and resent

Others who have reached their goal

And feel diminished, but they were told

There’s great abundance in the fold

Treasures far greater than gold

How much worth you have depends

On evaluating daily value to the end

How much do you think you deserve

Unleash restraint and your reserve

Step up to success as your born right

Succeed with verge with all your might

Do something different each day

Banish those naysayers away

Challenge yourself to try on abundance

Let this rich heritage be your mantra!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IMPATIENCE (c) By Polly Guerin

How did these levels of impatience grow?

Believe me, it is hard to remember, to know

I’m not making excuses, but there’s reason

We’ve outgrown patience, each season

Electronics prompt us with immediate action

Could this be the culprit of our reaction?

Instant photos promote immediate sharing

Sometimes without the personal touch ‘caring’

Click on ‘send’ emails expect quick response

Before we’ve had time to digest words to launch

No time to savor the moment, life’s treasures

Instant gratification escalated beyond measure

Navigating with speed through web pages

Frustration, even anger prompt the ages

To feel stress and bewildered by loss

Electronic immediacy has become boss

Now is the time to step back and demand

To turn off stress and let us understand

That the more patient we become, dear friends

Better health, better decisions result in the end.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

INTO THE SILENCE (c) By Polly Guerin

Mickey Raina, Fine Art America #25       
Take time to refresh, replenish

Seek the void to relinquish

All the stress a day imparts

Dust it off and now restart

Regain composure, be content

Luxuriate in private time spent

Recharging your commonsense

A wonderful way to reinvent

Your dreams, reality and goals

Find yourself as the day enfolds

Still, the silence is so serene

Here find refuge from the scene

Protected in some secret place

Settle down out of the race

And find solace in quietude

Escape from society, if rude

Encounters sadden our heart

Even before the day has start

Dwell on reasons to be content

With private time pleasantly spent.