Thursday, April 19, 2012

SYMPHONY OF THE CITY (c) By Polly Guerin

The city hisses, belches and moans

No pity for pedestrians who roam

About their journey in unending noise

Gives us cause, don’t panic but poise

Yet, the tiny sparrows chat a dusk
Great storytellers chirping with lust

In a constant search and forage
Within the empty concrete forest

The honking traffic floats up to my window
Ghastly sounds interrupt dreamy venue

Yet, the great seagulls tour the skies
Up from the river I hear their cries

The fire engines blare their grim warning
Piercing even in the wee hours of the morning

Yet, the black crow from the park nearby

Complains Caw Caw, then off he flies

Every week there’s a crash on the corner
Taxi and car, you bet, someone’s a goner

Yet, the little oasis by the Church middle
A trickle fountain plays its sonic fiddle

Isolated plugged-in people in the crowd fade
Ignoring blossoms in the gardens on parade

Yet, Cherry blossom trees sing a pink serenade
With golden and red tulips dancing in the glade

A little feisty dog with a stupendous bark
Rips through the quiet soundscape park

Yet, a grey squirrel embarks solo on the street
A Brownstone city dweller I have yet to meet

The only wild animals are the pedestrians
Their backpacks whacking in all directions

Yet, some days the sun shines like a prism
And releases us from this noisy prison

Where the sweet sparrow’s chirping song
Reminds me, Alas, this where I belong.

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