Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I seek it here I seek it there
I assure you I give care

Yet, that elusive cell phone
Has a mind of its very own

I meant to put it in plain view
But alas it disappeared anew

I wonder where it went?
Under the piles I have spent

Looking here, looking there
Perhaps it’s under a chair

Believe me this isn’t really fair
I’ve reached the point of despair

I pay my bills each time on time
Why does my cell phone decline?

To make a visible appearance
It took off without clearance

Somewhere it hides each day
In a nook or it’s stashed away

There’s no other recourse I admit
With this annoyance I am in a fit

So I surrender to my land phone
And dial that elusive cell phone

Alas I hear a muffled message tone
Talking to me but I’m quite alone

Till I look under the papers on my desk
Need I say more, put the subject at rest.

“It is a Delight!!!

Comment by: Carolyn Hahn Beiderman