Friday, September 28, 2018

ADIEU to SEPTEMBER 2018 By Polly Guerin

September Rain by Dimitry Spiros

I can't bear to see sweet summer go
Summertime slipped away we know

Summer cast off her welcome mat
And September arrived with a spat

With relentless rain we puddled 
Through weeks of limpid muddle

We listened to the thunderous sky
Wondering, why did September die? 

We limped along against the wet
Never such a season, let's forget

Everyone did their best to survive
Waiting for lusty Autumn to arrive

With yearning, city tress sang a song
Urging autumn leaves to come along

The autumn Equinox, September 21
Brought long days and nights at first

New celebrations, a bright, New Year
We venture forward optimistic to revere

The golden promise of September's story
To bring the orange glow in all its glory

New books, erasers back to school
Back to business, was the golden rule

Yes, September flew by, an angry wind
Screeching and sighing, a bitter fiend

And all good things could vanish in a day
Let's move onto to Autumn without delay!