Thursday, December 30, 2010

GRATITUDE NEW YEAR 2011 (c) By Polly Guerin

What have I to be grateful for-
Shall I tally up the gainful score?

And count my successes 'n failures as won
Acknowledging accomplishments and fun

Letting the past year pass with gratitude
For cherished memories, the positive attitude

Cherishing the bounty of family and friends Pure love given freely but it never ends

Grateful for safe haven and peaceful shore
Blessed are we who know the score

Release, free yourself, let go of the past
Disappointments, prayers unanswered do not last

Let your heart be lighter and smile encore
Be amazing, dance in the rain and laugh more

Be your best self-assured, a wiser You
It’s a chance to assess talent and renew

Vow to fulfill each day with joyful enthusiasm
Don’t let naysayers curb your passion

Move forward courageous without fear
Welcome in the Blessings of a Happy New Year

Expect surprises, the wondrous gift of the future
And a brand new chance to make your dreams come true!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Must the snowflake be so fleeting,

In its wintry frozen greeting?

Melting our hearts with intricate memories

What story would each snowflake freeze?

In time to unlock our hearts in global love

As the silent, frosty gift descends from above

Swirling and dancing before the windowpane

A zillion snowflakes no two alike in the frame

Lacy and fragile each snowflake in frozen glory

Diverse complexity tells myriad lifetime stories

There’s great beauty in this master plan

Treasure the infinite design because you can

Each snowflake new, six sided on view

Frozen snow crystal lets us renew

Our childlike marvel and joyful heart

Re-capture each moment before you part

Like life’s short lived past

Must the snowflake melt so fast?