Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year, a Commnetary on 2013 (c) By Polly Guerin

Must 2013 conclude this New Year?
I had more to do, it was clear

Each month accelerated into the next
I had no time to ponder to expect

Each day rushed by in a flash
I could not hold on with a grasp

Though I tried the minutes melted
Day after day soon unsheltered

I declared, “Hold Back the Time,”
Give me chance to reflect, unwind

And recall the episodes of the year
Folks who left and were very dear

My darling friend Elaine went to rest
She was amazing… the very best

Peter sold his loft and took off
Lives in another country no frost

Dirk & Chi went up to Maine
The social scene never the same

And Mikey bought a house far north
Trees and mountains are his source

Helen Gardner settled in Rochester
At 94 and became a happy Nester

Shirley was ensconced alone elsewhere
A great talent, now dementia without care

While Dianne kept up her phone calls
She went to New Jersey before her fall

As for me, I’m grateful, rich with health
After all it is my reward and great wealth

Joan continues to be my favorite fan
She loves everything I do, so I can

Tell her everything that’s on my mind
Her response is so fine, and very kind

I cherish her friendship and Lois Ewald, too
A finer spiritual woman that I ever knew

Carolyn resides alone in a residential place
Divorced, now out of the life's frantic race

My social agenda is fully booked again
I’ll keep my spirits up to the very end

And remember how fortunate am I
To enable this creativity as I aspire

To take more time to pause and admire
How much to cherish each year’s desire

And give thanks for all the joy before I expire!!!