Friday, October 26, 2018

Adieu to October 2018 By Polly Guerin

October'a crisp breeze announced fall 
Life began anew with no time to stall

The frost was surely on the pumpkin
Those frigid days were really somethin'

October gave a splendid scenic party
Leaves by hundreds soon departing

Wine, red and golden bronze on the vine
The spectacular autumn show was divine

Leaves carpeting the woodland's open door

Led to fun adventures in the great outdoors   

Apple picking in the orchard on a farm
Made apple cider libations mild and calm

Fireside chats wearing warm chunky sweaters
Hot chocolate, cozy socks what could be better? 

The hardy sparrows took a backward glance
Stayed on and on through the chilly dance

All Hallows Eve was a magical velvet night
Scary costumes made us flinch with fright

But it was fun all through the party light
When make believe brought wonder flight

Then a whipping wind furled October away
Quite frankly, I'm rather sad she did not stay

But left abruptly, didn't linger, I wonder why
I can't hold onto October, no matter how I try.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The World is Full of Weeping By Polly Guerin

The World is full of weeping
Yet the people, still are sleeping

Fire swept winds claim the earth
While tsunamis plunder give birth

For untold end for many souls
Yes, the warnings were foretold

Ancient trees cut down sacrificed
To developer homes, oh, so nice

Mud slides crashed down the hill
Homes vanished it was very still

Months limped by with torrential rain
The weather will never ever be the same

Plant and animal ranges now shifted
Ice caps melting on a global scale 

Intense heat waves more now predicted
The parched earth groans none restricted

Own up to climate change and remember
We're all in this now, bind each member

Put knowledge to work and make change
To respect the earth, time to rearrange

There's no time better, activate now
To save the planet and then avow

For the chance grows shorter each day
Do it now, before we are all blown away!