Monday, August 23, 2010

CONDOLENCES (c) By Polly Guerin

Rest your head upon my breast, dear one, come near

I will stroke your silver hair and wipe away
the fear

Let your soft tears fall like dew upon
my cheek

I embrace your heartache and sorrow so meek

I’ll kiss your wrinkled forehead wise and dear

Your lamentation will fall softly on my ear

Lift up your heart and hear the joyous rapture

Remembrance is a treasured gift to capture

Sacred memories never cease nor depart

Store them tenderly in a widow’s heart

Clear your sorrowful weary burdened eyes

Sunshine brightens memories we cannot hide

Reveries collected so dear tokens of lifetime love

Give permission to say goodbye like a soft dove.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A DISTANT MEMORY (c) By Polly Guerin

Listen to the hushed murmur through the trees

Whispering lost memories if you please…

Stirring up reverie and fond symbolization

Listen to the tinkling distant orchestration…

Tugging deep into the depths of my heart

I hear the serenade of a woodland lark…

Playing a tune of longing and forgotten love
The distant sound under the blue sky above…

The days passed swiftly obliterating each kiss
Placed on a child’s forehead I dearly miss…

The cymbals and tinkling fairytale sound
Chimes a reminder how life goes around…

Embraces so cherished, arms empty now
Bring back the sweet sunshine and avow…

To speak softly of times of yesteryear
Cherish the memory faint as a whisper…

Remembering the days of childhood wonder
The spirited melody lilts while I ponder…

I was happier than I can scarcely recall
There was gaiety, love, we all had a ball…

Time to gather these memories in a keepsake
Hearing the lark play its tune on the lake…

The distant shore brings a melody so sweet
The whisper in the trees and treasures to keep.