Sunday, October 25, 2020

AUTUMN SPLENDOR in the TREES: By Polly Guerin

Stillness settles o'er the earth
The trees are sleeping before rebirth

Just yesterday they wore golden hair
Their crimson garb with sunlit flair

Their starring role, awesome and serene
The tall oaks in their last days of green

Maroon dogwoods and pink hydrangeas
Tall oaks tower over gapping strangers

Over the valley aflame with poplars
The landscape quiet under the stars

Autumn colors set the world aglow
Now shed their fiery leaves below

Toasty yellows carpet my garden path
Must the chill of winter come so fast?

As the trees take their autumnal bow
Katsura's burnt sugary smells a wow

Like the crisp topping on Creme Brulee
It fills the air with tempting spray

The Maples have poured out their heart
Liquid gold, deep amber from the start.

Evergreens punctuate the scene so fine
Emerald and dark green, needles and pine

Come and revel in fall's color glory
Nature tells such a brilliant story. 


Sunday, October 18, 2020


The Trees are singing a song
Then autumn leaves came along

A cacophony of painterly art
Before the winter had its start

Everything bursts with color
Admire the view like no other

Leaves dressed in crimson red
Brushed with gilt beams instead

 A rich amber translucent glow
A blaze, it nearly stole the show

Then underneath, the last dance
The squirrels seemed in a trance

Burying nuts beneath the earth
Marking their place to search

The glorious, golden autumn days
Treasure them, before they phase

Nature's grand finale is closing in
Savor the moments and begin

For too soon, it's a winter's tale
Comes round so swift with the pale.

Sunday, October 11, 2020



The countryside is ablaze with autumn leaves
Red, russet, burnt sienna before the freeze

They burst forth shedding their verdant glory
Renewing life, it's like a newborn's story

Gold leafed splendor by the painterly brush
The colors are life changing, rich and lush\

It's time for you to make changes, too
Throw off the old mundane cloak, renew

With crimson red for enthusiasm as trigger
Embrace the passion with new found vigor

Vibrant yellow for courage and laughter
It's a new outlook you should be after

The angelic blue sky ever true and serene
Exudes cool confidence,  fosters dreams

Golden orange is ablaze, warm this year
With your outgoing nature, that's clear

It's not quite winter, lush green remains 
A preferred color of genius, never the same

And pink-tined forest buds remind us
Romance is ever charged with love

A new season, a new life changing time
Take a cue from autumn leaves prime

Change your colors and your attitude
Don't get stuck in the gray latitude

Move into a colorful spectrum, begin today
Open up with autumn leaves' color display.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

ADIEU TO SEPTEMBER 2020 By Polly Guerin


I can't bear to see halcyon summer go
Summertime slipped away that we know

Summer cast off her welcome mat
And September arrived with a spat

Alas glorious weather swept in on cue
Autumn's favorite time of year we knew

Fall's Equinox, called the first day of autumn
September's luscious bounty was not forgotten

Apple picking excursions to orchards upstate
The pungent air tasted like apple peel of late 

New hybrid teaching sent kids back to school
Half time home/viral study was the golden rule

Museums opened with masks and distance cues
Cultural seekers had faith in restoring renewed

Sacred  holidays, brought pause to pray to revere
We venture forward all masked, for a better year

The gold of autumn brings the gentle chill of fall
With verdant meadows and bird song most of all

In color display trees perform their foliage dance
And the forest sings of Indian Summer romance

Yet, the month flew by on the wings of autumn's wind
Leaving us wondering why October must so soon begin

I do very much mind saying goodbye to September
Knowing I cannot hold back the time I do surrender.


Monday, September 28, 2020

THE RIVER OF LIFE: By Polly Guerin


Like a rambling brook flows the river of life 
Foretells a familiar story of love, even  strife

It babbles on high pitched with nature's song
Your life is never static, it rambles on beyond

Like life the brook takes unexpected detours
Be resilient, break away never a solitary bore

The path to your destination may seem erratic
Step over the bridge, hear the brook's reactic

The babbling brook keeps running on and on
Do not give up so easily, go where you belong

The brimming river represents the course of life
Take the positive message, and save your life

The joy may come and joy may go, and it will
Let the river of life pause, restart up the hill

Do not carry the heavy burden of a virus life
Free yourself for the future, have a new life

A fresh, clean start surges in the babbling brook
Find solace in the sanctuary of a private nook

The brimming brook overflows with wild attraction 
Get into shape, live the life you love with reaction

Cause the river of life overcomes any negative thought
Releases You to freely pursue what you have wrought.

Monday, September 21, 2020

LIFE'S CANVAS By Polly Guerin


Life is like a painter's palette

Vibrant, subtle, or bold with talent

Each color represents life's canvas

Good  reality vibes to understand us

Red represents the vitality of a rich life

Some ups and downs, unexpected strife

Sunshine Yellow is a happy snappy color

Brings happiness, a smile like no other

Nature's Green bounty heals with compassion

Goes deep into our hearts with positive reaction

The spirit of celestial blue inspires us all 

Look up to the sky for answers this fall

Red and Yellow fill Orange full of joy

Promotes appetite for every girl and boy

The more you nurture the palette of life

See how pandemic worries seem light

The positive colors overtake moody gloom

Time to repaint yourself, even a room

These color gifts renew the palette of life

A rainbow of optimism dispels the strife

Spread painterly colors for others to share

Unite the world with compassionate care.

Sunday, September 13, 2020



Life can be bitter and sweet at the same time

Like the woody vine the purple flowers climb

With its invading,  prolific and poisonous system

Resembles weapons of judgment and criticism

It does its worst in a blaze of autumn glory

Like life's complaints, it's the same old story

It's thick leafy vines overtake trees and shrubs

Even grasses eventually succumb to its rubs

Smothering other participants like the leafy vine

You, too, may over compete, take over in time

Don't let tempers flare up under any phase

In a few weeks the woods will be ablaze

Producing a mixture of pain and pleasure

Bittersweet resembles Life in every measure

Yet its perennial beauty makes a pretty wreath

Instead it is peace and harmony we seek

Take a new path, adopt a fresh perspective

Don't let clinging vines control your leisure

Every bittersweet memory brings a treasure

Discards bittersweet pain and renews pleasure.