Thursday, August 1, 2019

ADIEU TO JULY 2019 By Polly Guerin

Everything good, everything magical
Seemingly happens in the summer

But July turned into a hot plate griddle
And the days just lay there and sizzled

The blood red Ruby is your birthstone
Passionate, dramatic you are not alone

With admirers around your golden flame
July hangs on the top of summer's game

Sultry days and dewy nights so it seems
Gives us pause to linger and to dream

As sea glass sparkles in the ocean sun
Stories of foreign lands have just begun

Beach books let us read and make plan
To vicariously visit some enchanted land

And sleep the sleep of dreams come true
Live in the sunshine, swim away, renew

Drink in the wild sea air and lose yourself
Leave worries behind store then on a shelf

Fill your baskets high with golden pines
Cool parsley, basil sweet and sunny thyme

Gather up memories on a dewy morning
Tuck them into a notebook, never boring

With July at the top of the livelong year
Gather sweet memories so close, so dear.

Friday, June 28, 2019

ADIEU TO JUNE 2019 By Polly Guerin

Lovely June the Mille Fleur month arrived in haste
The Summer Solstice brought us warmth and grace

The brides arrived and sailed into safe harbor
Their hearts entwined with love and ardor

Lush roses and lush strawberries on the vine
The air was blue, the lush green lawn so divine

Mating thrushes in the glen ushered in the day
Sweet June declared summer, take time to play

Flag Day reminded us to salute our freedom
May it wave forever now and every season

Then sweet June was baptized in a misty rain
A deluge ensued, climate warming was to blame

We tried to save the month from a calamitous end
Then in dewy air, June became our cheery friend

Father's day well wishers paid due honor to men
With gratitude overflowing in celebration they send

We mourn the fact that June flew in and out so fast
Memories of the sweetest month fleetingly did not last.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

ADIEU TO MAY 2019 By Polly Guerin

May is the sweetest month of them all
Sending pretty Muget flowers I recall

With Happy Springtime greetings
Lily-of-the-Valley was so fleeting

Tiny bells poised with ribbon stream
Their sweet message was so serene

Hopelessly in love with joys of Spring
And we lost ourselves in all its Bling

The trees burst forth lush evergreen
Myriad flowers smiled, so it seemed

Bringing the blossom time 'o the year
The world, colored fair of  every hue

Sweet May had come to send us love
To leave our seeming concerns above 

An lose ourselves in the Blue Blue sky
With 'over the rainbow' wonder why

The brilliant sun sent sunlit kisses
And tender hearts in turn submitted

And the birds a-glee with sunny song
Mothers Day came where she belonged

The sweet sparrows carol clear and sweet
The thrilling notes a thousand times repeat

Two perfect days ushered in Memorial Day
We bowed our heads for heroes so far away

Then savored sweet May before her depart
Yearning for summer's June soon to start

Monday, May 13, 2019

LONGING By Polly Guerin

Mysore Sand  Art Museum India, Sculpture by Amit Aggarwali

Where has thee gone my dearest love?

You held me borne like a tender dove

And let me hear you coo into my ear

Such tender thoughts I still hold dear

We were  airborne on a magical night

A mellifluous song so young, so bright

With hope and future longings to recall

When we were young and did not stall

It plunged us into the great abyss

As you tended me one last kiss.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

ADIEU TO APRIL 2019 By Polly Guerin

The earth was like a child again
That waxed poetic like a friend

Spring arrived in a color garden fair
With Daffodils and Tulips everywhere

Ever leaf was singing with roundelay
A chorus of chirping birds did replay

We felt spontaneous, giddy and gay
Wonderlust feelings go out and play

Then the winter chill re-appeared
The fierce windy blast cut our cheer

Frosty weather chilled our delight
Putting Spring forward overnight

Make up your mind oh fickle spring
Bring back sunshine and Spring bling

Then April rain came in fitful showers
Sent sweet kisses down for undue hours

Every ripple brook and pond was singing
Dewdrops from the sun were lingering

Then glorious days and golden weather 
Easter and Passover holidays together

Then the sun sang a darling lullaby
And squelched all the tears goodbye.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

EARTH DAY 2019 By Polly Guerin

The world is in a lull and weeping
Yet many people still are sleeping

White hunters strike, club baby seals
Their cruel acts for profit are surreal

Plastic seas kill, no chance for re-birth
Pollution covers the sickened earth

Sound the alarm precious species vanishing
At an overwhelming rate is their banishing

Sea creatures and corral reefs now at risk
Caught in nets they perish, do not exist

The angry seas and rising angry waters
Devour towns, begin the human slaughter

Families driven off the barren sick land
Deforestation is the new monied brand

Overwhelming climate change day by day
Do it now, Save our planet, this I pray

Restore us back to Earth Day's nature
Or does our fate depend upon the Creator?

Protest and petition loud and clear for change
Waste no time to put the blame lets rearrange

Write in and be counted among the first
Proclaim the urgency, end folly and reverse

Activate, do it now, join the outcry, be counted
Before looming catastrophe is fully mounted 

Awake and join the multitude in the planet cry
Before all hope is forever lost and we may die.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


The last days of winter were not over
With roaring wind and snowfall cover

The blast was loud and very shrill
We braced ourselves for the chill

When sweet syrup ran from the bark
Maple sugar gatherings were a lark

Then Mardi Gras' Fat Friday glee
Warmed our hearts and set us free

St. Patrick'  jolly revelers passed by
With pompous parade and green pride

International Woman's Day made haste
Le's not forget who made it in the race

Daylight savings time gained an hour
Yet swoosh went by and made us sour

The Equinox announced Spring official 
The land awakened with lush green thistle 

The sun was brilliant in the pristine sky
It was so welcome, so lovely, made me cry

March madness alas ended this weekend 
April entered politely, our dear, dear friend.