Saturday, August 19, 2017

ADIEU AUGUST 2017 By Polly Guerin

American Poet, Celia Thaxter in her Island Garden on Appledore
Island, six miles off he coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The halcyon days of summer, ti's the end
Of languid days with my dearest friend

The month of August went flying bye
The forest trees awoke I cannot deny

Leaves danced to the baton of the breeze
Orchestrated by the dulcet wind to please

The lazy flowers got up to greet the sun
Even before the sweetest day has begun

Flowers most fragrant in the morning dew
Gather an save them  in a potpourri, a few

Loving the colorful wildflowers ever more
They tell me vivid windswept stories I adore

Listen softly, a myriad birds are on the wing
An the woods awake with magical music sing

Yet the halcyon days of summer draw near
It's time, keep treasures in the heart so dear

Vacation time, birthdays, a wedding, too
It was a joyous, busy month, but it flew

For in August the harvest days are borne
Bringing luscious greens and golden corn

But I will not forget August's longing song
My favorite eighth month is where I belong!

Thursday, August 3, 2017


My heart is full of weeping
Its memories I am keeping

The sadness of my loss
She was never, ever cross

Brought joy to each day
There's more I can say

Gentle you could reach her
Sought by every creature

An then she'd understand
Her counsel was so grand

We'd turn to her guidance
If shadows caused a silence

Alone how can we carry on
To face the great beyond?

Courage from her source
Assures we are never lost

But folded into her heart
Even in the long days apart

Do not lament was her dearest wish
And went away on a windblown kiss.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ADIEU JULY 2017 By Polly Guerin

Must I say adieu to sweet July?
But before I do here's my reply

With hot days and cooling showers
Peaches, plums and gillyflowers

Beach sand in between our toes
We're on holiday, everyone goes

Ferry rides across the East River
Chilly winds make us all shiver

Mother's house in sun and rain
Gone now, will  never be the same

Yet memories of sweet July pie
Tasty blueberry I did not deny

The cat curls up in the hot sun
While we plan our day for fun

Gathering basil and sunny thyme
Herbs to please us all the time

We fill our baskets with cool libations
Pack luscious lunch, nothing rationed

Lazy travelers we care not to leave July
Though the days pass too swiftly, they fly

And down by the sea the waves of time
Remind us, hasten our pleasure not to pine

A tiny hummingbird flutters its wings
Darting from Flower to Flower it sings

While all the flowers in the meadow awoke
In millefleur multi-colors for us to poke

About and clasp some Fleur to our heart
As every flower and leaf sets us apart

With wide eye wonder only July can bring
A month of fairy fruits and love is bling

How does the little busy honey bee
Fly about, so gaily flutter, so free

Roses fill the air in aromatic July
Petal by Petal we count and rely

On such wonder and beauty each day
Must we say goodbye to July today?  

Monday, July 31, 2017

Polly Soliloquy 2017

I will blow down to the sea now
Alone in the wind before the bow

And dream the dream of dreams
For life is never what it seems

Into another dimension I will clime
Review my life's work in real time

Remembering the treasured past
I thought it would forever last

A life cut short is a great loss
Yet I have lived beyond the cost

The waves of time wash o'er the mind
Was I not gentle, loving and kind?

Shall I be remembered for deeds done
Even before I count the total sum?

Will my legacy inspire those alone
All the wonder that I have known?

My spirit will float upon cool air
To reach others with genuine care

Alas, I give thanks a life well lived
Any transgressions, I duly forgive

Ti's time to wander beyond life's shore
And bid adieu to so many I do adore.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MOURNING Soliloquy for Dirk Jan van den Heuvel By Polly Guerin

Dirk and Polly

What has become of this dear friend of mine?
When last we were together he was fine 

So cold, a silent stranger has come
To claim him before the rising sun

Vague shadow cast memories on the wall
Your journey, a life well lived, I recall

But ensuing days seem strange and cold
I remember you were strong and bold

A maverick man you loved the arts
A faithful friend and a loving heart

How often you there there with care
The world is now silent bleakly bare

A gracious host, it was dinner at eight
Silent now, destiny ruled your fate        

So long a friendship in kind did last
Now shrinking days so fast go past

Life in Maine claimed you as her own
No finer man, forsake, I have ever known

Watching each other in our sad grief
Fond memories in our heart give relief

Come closer, listen and mourn with Chi
Dirk's soul in heaven sets us free!!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

CUDDLED By Polly Guerin

There's more to loving than a kiss
Something special you may have missed

Nothing sets the mood in motion
Than being cuddled with emotion

Two warm arms start the embrace
Brings us in closer face to face

Then warmly draw someone closer
Arms embrace in warm enclosure

Two hearts in one cuddled now
An affectionate hug, I do avow

Clasp us in such affectionate bliss
We snuggle close we cannot resist

Hold fast in some one's arms today
And loneliness simply melts away..

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Children laugh out loud without restraint
Their merry mirth unfolds so very quaint

Giggling, jiggling on their way to play
It's a joyous moment they do not delay

Their world is just one big happy nod
To summer's sandbox where they plod

The storied kingdoms of never-never-land
And grown up folks will never understand

The magical realms in which they dwell
Their bouyant laughter sounds the bell

And off they skip to join fabled giants
In storytelling pages come the little pints

Their laughter echos thru hallowed halls
The merry chitter-chatter never is stalled

Bowled over with happiness such spontaneity
Can you remember such joy when you were three?