Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ADVICE from A WISE SAGE By Polly Guerin

Spread your wings and soar
Press on to do more and more

Endowed with seeds of love
Receive the gift from above

Everything about you is so unique
No other person compares in sync

Tap into your unlimited supply
So much creativity don't deny

Recognize success at the gate
Step up, begin anew recreate

Your choicest dreams awake
Success avow, now is your fate

Opportunities lurking everywhere
Step up to the plate show you care

Generosity and never ending joy
Live large, be fearless and ploy

Go the extra mile with a smile
Stand together once in a while

Keep moving forward to the end
Treasure those we all call friend

Prepare the way, YES, even now
Late in life, become a new WOW!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018



Cedar Waxwing in the Pussy Willow

Budding forth the first harbinger of spring
Alas you bloom and birds begin to sing

Found along ponds and wooded paths
Your beauty is fragile, does not last

Willow buds encased in an angelic fur
In winter, you cocooned, did not stir

Then emerged as soft as a kitten paw
You wait, at the end of winter's thaw

Counted among Springs first blooms
You may be ignored, but never gloom

Those soft fuzzy angelic buds awake
And with showy bright flowers create

A welcome feast for hungry birds
Bumblebees, butterflies, insects, too

The first sweet drink of the season
Willow's welcome feast, good reason

Rich throated,  sweet its spring nectar
Bright yellow flowers, the connector

Watch for the willow's bloom as it brings
The first sweet reminder that it is Spring

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Photo By Stephen Braun 

March held us in the grip of her cold embrace
One snowstorm after another with fierce pace

March brought breezes, wind loud and shrill
Its power was devastating, enough to kill

Knocked down giant trees like pick-up-sticks
Shocked the suburbs, power lines nicked

Flowers were confused and dormant lay
Birds on the wing took off, could not stay

Fickle to the core Spring appeared one day
Alas, twas but a teaser, March came to stay

And plunged the suburbs with deep snow
While New York City cleared up below

Daylight Savings time tricked us early
But March continued to remain surly

St. Patrick's Day had a sunny reprieve
Green pride gave us cause to relieve

Then March 20th the First Day of Spring
The snow returned with a dusting bring

Our patience challenged. time was retreating
The sweet, sweet Spring was eagerly greeting

Palm Sunday fared better with a  sunny smile
Gave pause to enjoy fair weather for awhile

Passover brought with it the promise of Spring
While other celebrants knew Easter would sing

And alas, March was ushered right out of the door
We all gathered hope that true Spring was in store!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

NOW IS THE MOMENT: Poem by Polly Guerin

The past is forever gone
The future's in a song

Sing it loud and clear
Start a brand new year

Moment by Moment now
Be thankful and avow

Hour by hour is a gift
Rise up, forget the rift

Why put off to tomorrow
Joy is yours to borrow

Right now freeze frame
There's no one to blame

Imagination renewed 
Forget time that flew

Claim now to be your best
Creativity yours, re-invest

Don't delay another minute 
Time to be in the present

Hour by hour be a new You
NOW is the moment, renew

Claim talent from the past
Do it Now,  it will not last.

Friday, January 19, 2018


My mother never sang me a sweet lullaby
Even when I sank  deep and began to cry

Vocalizing sentiment was not her thing
And that is why I never heard her sing

No mellifluous notes put me to sleep
But snug in bed, she did take a peak

And said, it couldn't be all that bad
But I still felt awful, very, very sad

Why ruin your good looks with a frown
Come dear, betters days are to be found

She didn't understand my tantrum fuss
Light's out she ordered, sleep, you must

The next day I forget what was in my head
Sunbeams through the window to my bed

The room flooded with with joyful beams
For life is never, ever, ever what it seems

My sunny disposition had been restored
My sadness was imagined I was bored

Mother knew it was a passing phase
And lauded me with warmth and praise

No baby lullaby's for me if you please
My imaginary sadness had disappeared

I remember now, Mother's positive view
Was at the core, of everything we do

And to this day,  everyday, I still recall
How really silly I was when I was small.

Friday, December 29, 2017

ADIEU TO DECEMBER 2017 By Polly Guerin

Must we say Adieu to December?
Those halcyon days I remember

This chilly month brought the sleet,
Blazing fire, and Christmas treats

Let's not forget the instant snow
Caused the city to take it slow

New Yorkers' mood was transformed
Christmas greetings were the norm

Then came the window holiday show
With child-like wonder, that we know

Celestial music and carols were sung
Even before winter's tale had begun

Then Hanukkah, Kwanzaa held fast
To other traditions that forever last

Against winter' warring icy blast
Glow warm deep hearth and last

Bright and warmer into the velvet night
Look at the night stars ablaze, alight

Time to make amends with family/friends
Let the fire of hospitality never, ever end

With charity, compassion in the heart
Prepare for a new year before it starts

Burn ever brighter clear flame of love
As we praise, give thanks for joy above

Round out the end of this precious year 
With grateful hearts for all that is dear.

Friday, November 24, 2017

ADIEU NOVEMBER 2017 By Polly Guerin

November came in nipping at our nose
And one colder day we nearly froze

Then a whipping wind tore into space
The tree branches pirouetted in place

The colors of nature warmed the palette
Cranberry vied with gold on earth's planet

Then, too, the Veteran's Day parade 
Reminded us not to forget the brave

And a season of deeply felt gratitude
Thanksgiving helped form our attitude

Pumpkin, butternut squash, apple pie
November's aroma Delicious! I cry 

Let's not forget sweet November
Take time to record and remember

The season of a harvestful bounty
Of good feeling sentiments counting

Those glory days with family, friends
The welcome mat open never ends

We hardly had time to savor November
Those treasured days by warm embers

Time to prepare for the joyous adventure
A holiday is on the threshold, did I mention 

Parting indeed is such, such sweet sorrow
Let's look to all that's brand new tomorrow 

So I bid Adieu to November's autumn phase
Soon frosty weather takes over within days!!!