Monday, September 14, 2015

SAVOR THE MOMENT: poetryfromtheheartbypollyguerin.blogspot

Must we be so discontented?

By technology we are affected

This moment may not come again
Yet we would even text a friend

At lunch or dinner there’s no excuse
You say it’s important that’s the ruse

You’re simply not fully in the moment
To savor every morsel and delicious intent

A walk in the woods is a restorative jaunt
Talk on the phone and the moment won’t

Add to the pleasure and mild disconnect
From the sound of the birds joyously sent

You don’t understand that unhappy feeling
Your patience is sapped and your senses reeling

Multitasking has its place and time
Doing it always is a pitiful crime

Promise yourself to savor each bite
It may be hard, do it with all your might

Gently bring yourself back to the moment
Share conversation, connect with life

Don’t let thoughts wander away to the phone
Alas you may find yourself quite alone.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Let’s shed our shell of discontent

By metamorphosis is what I meant

Like a cocoon that becomes a Butterfly
Why not morph yourself and try

To remove the layers of sadness
And renew yourself with gladness

Chose colorful patterns that reinforce
Your inner wisdom is the source

Lifelong learning is an added plus
Do it now---in yourself do trust

Look for lessons to improve
Put yourself in a new grove

Pause, reflect before giving answers
Handle it better, knowledge enhances

Release limits; shine with an inner glow
Your positive presence everyone will know

Claim a clean slate spread your wings
Uncover your true self and joy it brings.