Friday, December 28, 2018

ADIEU to DECEMBER 2018 By Polly Guerin

In the bleak mid-winter, December came
Frosty weather and biting wind did claim

Day after day's mild weather brought rain
Old fashioned December never to be the same

The snow stayed away but left a frigid front
Time flew by and swallowed the last month

Yet, Celestial music and carols were sung
Even before Christmas tidings had begun

I heard the city sparrows serenade the air
A magical rendition, far beyond compare

A full sun overhead high in the chilly sky
The Winter Solstice did conveniently comply

At latitude called  the Tropic of Capricorn 
Riding into the last days, Christmas was born

With customs and traditions, feasting and fun
Dreams of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa had begun

Dreaming of Christmas past so very long ago 
Sweet voiced caroling filled the hearth below

And trees bedecked in old sentimental ornament
Told forgotten stories that were sincerely meant

To remind us to not forget the Christmas past
Time is fleeting and this year's end will not last

For Auld Lang Syne, let's not forget, my dearest, dear
To wish us all Glad Tidings and a Happy New Year!!!