Thursday, May 30, 2019

ADIEU TO MAY 2019 By Polly Guerin

May is the sweetest month of them all
Sending pretty Muget flowers I recall

With Happy Springtime greetings
Lily-of-the-Valley was so fleeting

Tiny bells poised with ribbon stream
Their sweet message was so serene

Hopelessly in love with joys of Spring
And we lost ourselves in all its Bling

The trees burst forth lush evergreen
Myriad flowers smiled, so it seemed

Bringing the blossom time 'o the year
The world, colored fair of  every hue

Sweet May had come to send us love
To leave our seeming concerns above 

An lose ourselves in the Blue Blue sky
With 'over the rainbow' wonder why

The brilliant sun sent sunlit kisses
And tender hearts in turn submitted

And the birds a-glee with sunny song
Mothers Day came where she belonged

The sweet sparrows carol clear and sweet
The thrilling notes a thousand times repeat

Two perfect days ushered in Memorial Day
We bowed our heads for heroes so far away

Then savored sweet May before her depart
Yearning for summer's June soon to start

Monday, May 13, 2019

LONGING By Polly Guerin

Mysore Sand  Art Museum India, Sculpture by Amit Aggarwali

Where has thee gone my dearest love?

You held me borne like a tender dove

And let me hear you coo into my ear

Such tender thoughts I still hold dear

We were  airborne on a magical night

A mellifluous song so young, so bright

With hope and future longings to recall

When we were young and did not stall

It plunged us into the great abyss

As you tended me one last kiss.