Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A New Year---a clean slate
Life is short, don’t hesitate

It’s time to clear the decks
Neaten up our minds, no regrets

Begin today, embrace change
Accept a real chance to rearrange

Identify your secret happy place
Quiet down get out of the race

Dare to dance in the gentle rain
Wash away all the angst, the pain

Create new possibilities to win
Newfound happiness and grin

Speak words of comfort and soothe
Gratefully acknowledge, never rude

Practice simplicity, speak with love
Quite the critics hold your head above

Say “Yes” to the journey back to yourself
Be ladylike and gracious, never selfish

For life is more precious than gold
Choose to live it with a spiritual hold

Live as if you been given one last day
Make it your mantra don’t delay

Be with those who help your being
Release useless relationships, begin singing

Accept life’s tangled dance and flatter
Believe in healing, mind over matter

Mend broken hearts, begin anew
Reborn to be a Brand New You.

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