Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Child's Enchantment By Polly Guerin

Let's escape beyond the forest trees
A secret life, the Lilliputian's,
                                            if you please!

Where fairies build castles and dens
 And write pretend stories by the pen

Their little houses can be seen by day
At nighttime they come out to play

Tiny folk in green leafy clothes
Of moss and floral they pose

To amuse a summer's day at play
We join in the merry romp today

There we enact fantastic tales
And slay dragons it never fails

Imaginary monsters an sing songs
Tripping through the velvet faun

In this enraptured place I belong
I count the days, that I be gone

A thunderous storm burst forth
All the tiny dwellings were lost

Yet, I remember enchanted time
That only fairy tales can remind

Those wondrous days do not last
We grow up, my dear, far too fast!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

ADIEU Dear Life By Polly Guerin

No earthly grave for me
in dark twilight years, I be

Alone in the cold damp ground
Missing nature's joyous sound

I do not expect to wither there
They'll be no one to even care

And set a flower by my stone
For I be here quite all alone

No, No no wooden coffin box
Plunked down with forever locks

I prefer to return to humble dust
Take my ashes but do not rush

Go gently to some quiet glade or glen
Somewhere, where I have never been

An spread my ashes among songbirds
Singing love song I have never heard

And let the wind take me faraway, far
Where field flowers bloom like a star

And here I rest my weary tired head
Nourishing the nature's earth instead

The silent earth beneath my flight
Into the heavens I might alight.

Friday, April 7, 2017


Spring arrived early this year
Why February?it was not clear

Early blooming red-maples burst
Bloomed buds died at first

A snowstorm came the other day
Migrating birds lost their way

Their food supply lay frozen
Nature caused commotion

Flowers confused had bloomed
Were frozen in their gloom

Daffodils nodded to their icy life
Their numbered days  a sacrifice

Chipmunks stayed underground
Nary a nut could be found

The trees dried up their sap
They shuttered and moaned

Their leaves were iced and cold
No one had known or foretold

A lone coyote gave a mournful cry
Alas, ti's sad to have to say

Shed a tear for the passing of joy
Never to enchant girl or boy

The beautiful spring of yesteryear
Is gone forever, my dear

More snow predicted is on the doom
Must lovely Spring leave us so soon?