Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ode for JOAN BAXTER: Laid to Rest at Locust Valley Cemetery


By Polly Guerin 3/31/2016

The daffold path leads me to the grassy glen
Down by the steps we tread our way and then

I will go there and sit upon the marble bench
And will pray and reverie, I will stay there

Where fair Joan is at rest in springtime glory
I remember all the steadfast life and her story

The wind cries through the bending trees
Dropping tears in yon meandering breeze

For our hearts are full of weeping, Joan is sleeping
In an oasis in a garden where memories are keeping

Her erudition was exemplary and freely gave advice
That smoothed the journey benefiting my life

No regrets, she tossed her blonde hair to the wind
She gave all her heart and bade me to take life easy

But I was young and foolish at I did not understand
That there was purposeful meaning in God's plan

For life is never really, I realize, what it seems,
For mere mortals, merely a wondrous dream

Forever in our hearts her memory shall remain
And life without her will never be the same

Now our hearts are full of weeping
Now that Joan is forever sleeping.