Saturday, August 11, 2012


Our hearts are full of wonder

Our dreams leave us to ponder

To create the life you want to unfold

Envision it now and picture your goal

Accept the results with jubilation

Prepare to accept congratulations

Keep faithful watch on your success

Know it’s just a matter to manifest

Now is the only time there is

Seize the present moment, live!

Be enchanted greet each day

Thankful  on the flute we play

Now is the time to liberate the past

Let the radiant light of love be cast

Practice laughter, laugh out loud

Let everyone know you’re proud

See everything in a new bright glow

Be enchanted turn on the light show

And conjure up spell-binding magic

Enjoy the “Now”, and be ecstatic

Practice joy, sing life’s praises

Do it now, but do what you love!

* Josephine Wall Fantasy Art Painting

Polly Guerin