Sunday, October 30, 2016

THE WORLD IS FULL OF WEEPING (A poem inspired by the works of the Indian poet Tagore) By Polly Guerin

Kalki 'The Destroyer' Descends on Greed,, War and Destruction

The World is Full of Weeping
Greed and self--seeking

With the fever of unrest
Destroyed our own, our best

The 'Disappeared' forever gone
Never to hear a peaceful song

And dark stains cover the earth
The wars that know no rest

Wherefore shall come a white knight
Bringing a message to all, to re-unite?

All nations together in one bond
Of everlasting friendship fond

Oh, most reverent holy spirit
Show immeasurable mercy to us

And wipe away the brokenhearted
Stop the madness before it gets started

Restore beauty to the bleak plundered land
All nations together now must understand

There is no way forward except with peace
Oh, gracious spirit give us courage an release

Purify the minds of  the weary misled
Forgive and bring back beauty instead 

Unite the hearts of all the world's people 
In the harmony of a one connected life,
          A World at Peace.