Sunday, February 3, 2019

ADIEU TO JANUARY 2019 By Polly Guerin

Image byKelly McKernan, Painter//Illustrator

Where did January go? I ask you Why?
Why did the month fly by, I sigh? 

A hectic-year-end caught us in its grip
We turned the page forward not to slip

Looking into the pasts fast-paced time
A hectic-year-end caught us in its prime

Happy New Year 2019 came up the line
Janus looks ahead to the future this time

And revelers settled down to reflect
To rewind and to never ever forget

Obstacles may clutter the new path
But courage and fortitude will last

So no matter what the new year brings
Rise up to the challenge dance and sing

Joyously welcome the luck of a clean slate
Remember your intentions it's never too late

Renew those latent dreams and fire them up
Own this year and fill up your creativity cup

Move forward on the wave of challenge
Journey to new horizons, you will manage

In skating on thin ice, safety is your speed
Say Adieu to January, dig deep, plant seeds

Clean out the closets, clean out the weeds
Initiate new ideas, let disappoints recede

With deep gratitude, live life with a spark 
Give thanks for renewal as January departs!