Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I hear the water lapping, snapping at the shore

I wonder, I ponder what it has in store?

Slurp, slurp, blurt the waves dance on the sand

Rushing, lashing the shore from some distant land

A journey deep in the mysterious watery core

Never wavering steadfast against the tides of war

Traveled through the ages to reach new ground

Bearing with it the slurppy, slapping sound

The rhythmic whispering waves of one's life

Resounds in the pattern of the water’s strife

The pounding surf thrusts itself against the shore

Sending out all the pain that we may have bore

I hear the cry the crashing waves from the depths

Renewing spirit and soul—renewing future steps

The slurping, sloshing sound beats upon the shore

Releasing all the tangled angst I ever felt before

Taking with it all concerns and heartbreak

The water clears the mind, does not forsake

But renews the heart to find the depths of love

An ocean of happiness sent from nature above

Like the repetitive waves be patient with yourself

Put concerns of yesteryear away on the shelf

The force of the waves' unfaltering perseverance

Embrace its challenge with strength and clearance

Refreshed the rhythmic waves roll out their hum

Go softly, gently forward, now claim the sum!