Thursday, June 29, 2017


Children laugh out loud without restraint
Their merry mirth unfolds so very quaint

Giggling, jiggling on their way to play
It's a joyous moment they do not delay

Their world is just one big happy nod
To summer's sandbox where they plod

The storied kingdoms of never-never-land
And grown up folks will never understand

The magical realms in which they dwell
Their bouyant laughter sounds the bell

And off they skip to join fabled giants
In storytelling pages come the little pints

Their laughter echos thru hallowed halls
The merry chitter-chatter never is stalled

Bowled over with happiness such spontaneity
Can you remember such joy when you were three?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

WONDERMENT By Polly Guerin

A blade of grass stretched up and out 
Of it's concrete grave
The tulips stood on tippy toes to avoid
the shade
And reach the sun's warming rays

The barren trees were dressed for summer
Emerald green leaves seemed kissed by the sun

City sparrow's in cacophony sang a new song
The sun's melody brimming with joy I belong

And yonder a gray city squirrel darted in the race
Escaping automobile crush with lightening pace

An down by the water's east side  promenade
Sat city dreamers on voyages, far, very far

Away in Central Park a mother on guard
Crooned to her baby with love, no regard

Passing by two lovers united linked hands
The passing parade was mixed was grand

The sweethearts cared not what onlookers might say
Their joyous bonding they held discreet on display

And octogenarians determined not to fall
Whizzed by on their walkers never to stall

Bye and bye everyone seemed to feel better
It was indeed the warm welcoming weather

The sweet gentle sky of June without rain
Shared days of joy will never be the same

The blue of the sky brought  a smile to my face
An imaginary kite soared upward into space

A man held a door for a pretty lady to pass
It proved that he had breeding and class

A child on a scooter flashed by in a crush
His wounds were fleeting, crying non plus

The halcyon summer hours longer each day
Everyone rejoiced, wish they wouldn't go away

But the seasons are fickle, we knew it would end
May I remind you, treasure the moment, my friend!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Rest, rest my dear, your life was not in vain
The world without you will never be the same

I remember the last warm summer's day
In the shadow of veiled memory I pray

Though days of golden dreams have past
Cherished memories, I keep, they last

I sleep deep in ever saddened anguish 
Alone perhaps, for here I languish

Cold and quiet, silenced ever now
Your lilting laughter, never to bow

Let me hear your voice once again
My dear, departed, loyal friend

The silence bears down its weight 
On this long journey, I still await

Shadow veiled, the years quickly past
Let us remember memories that last

Happily remember, an happily forget
Sadness be banished and sad regret

By autumn twilight let us reminisce
An think of that sweet summer kiss

Let us remember and do not forgo
The joy of life in the long, long ago.

"It tugs on your heart of memories."  Carolyn Beiderman

Saturday, June 3, 2017

PROSPERITY By Polly Guerin

I am not very rich, rich at all she said
Wonder what's going on in her head

Let's tally up the realistic basic score
Believe me there's much much more

Than dollars to value one's worth
Dig deep into the coffer and search

For therein find the prosperity in life
Unlimited access to everything is nice

Enriching one's mind with new ideas
An interesting, fulfilling life never fear

That abundance is waiting at the door
Your worth is counting up the score

Open up with hope, believe and trust
For prosperity is far beyond the lust

Your silver lining may soon turn to gold
Happiness is far richer I have been told

Give thanks for 24 hours alive with joy
In a never ending journey never recoil

Await unexpected gifts, and windfalls
Surprise invitations will soon enthrall

Wait and listen to the still small voice
It whispers a promise, that is very nice!