Sunday, September 9, 2012

SWEET BIRDSONG (c) By Polly Guerin

Where have all the sweet birdsong gone

The happy, chirping, cheery, cherished song?

The city cacophony muted, dimmed their voice

Drummed out by noise they had no choice

The city sparrow seems the bravest of all

But I do not hear the fair Robin’s call

Even the Blue Jay has left the city park

He’s gone off to find a mate before dark

A woodpecker once lived behind a brownstone

But he is there no more, his work dethroned

The city barren of songbird’s happy sounds

Concrete and steel, nature cannot rebound

Sea gulls come up from the east side

Flying in the city canyons with pride

But they too are silent in their flight

A welcome diversion they leave by night

Pigeons claim the streets as their own

Their flocks bring not a whimper but roam

Somewhere nature is beckoning our desire

It’s beauty yet to set our hearts on fire

The loss of the dulcet sounds of nature that soothe

Soon enough, you yourself may be silenced and brood.

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