Tuesday, April 24, 2012


By Polly Guerin 4/24/2012

Procrastination is the fault
Tomorrow I’ll do it!

I’ll volunteer for something
Take piano lessons or sing

And how about that course
I planned to register but lost

Out on life’s destiny moment
Even maybe write a sonnet

But I’ll do it when I retire
At least before I expire

Yet, one day I’ll do it!!!

One day turned into a week
You see I’m becoming weak

One day turned into a month
Procrastinating I was sunk

One day turned into a year(s)
Now there are so many tears

The days, the years pass so fast
The opportunity did not last

Don’t put things off and off
Let your creativity soar

It’s not too late, get started,
Be glad, not downhearted

Decide to do it “Now
Watch everyone say “WOW”!!!

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