Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SWEET SUMMER BREEZE...A Magical Romance By Polly Guerin

It was a soft mellifluous night
The Luscious breeze was light

As air, an caressed with a kiss
A warm embrace, such bliss

It wafted freely like a bird
En plein air it was heard

A magical presence at her side
"A lovely evening," it did imbibe

She stole a glance to her right
A shadow of a man did alight

His voice mild like the dulcet breeze
He pursued her further, if you please

And strolled along in a soft tone
She was aware she was not alone

But cautious feigned not to hear
The strange encounter not clear

The stars were shinning above
It was a night made for love

Yet, she in a dreamy state
Knew not was her fate

Then, someone called her
Through the brightening air

Such a pretty young thing
With tingling bells did sing

And for a moment's reverie
She fell in love, don't you see

It was a starry silvery night
Held in his arms so light

A gentle lover he was there
Caressing with dulcet care

And they in such embrace, Swept away in the Sweet Summer Breeze of Summer.