Thursday, September 15, 2011

REMEMBRANCE 9/11/2011 (c) By Polly guerin

An eerie silence shrouded the city
So many perished, such a pity

Without a clue they went to work that day
Never to return, here’s what I can relay

The night watchman was asleep
The chef arrived at 3am without a peep

The day awoke crystal clear a brilliant sun No one suspected what malice was done

Ambitious Steve pressed through the mob
James went early to be the first on the job

Ginnie bought breakfast on the street
Co-workers were greeted so complete

A young lawyer thought that she was late
The fledgling intern got in at eight

A conference was in full swing down the hall
A worker put in a long distance call

The Boss was jovial as he came in
His secretary said ‘good morning’ with a grin

An urgent message was on a manager’s desk
The mail was sorted like all the rest

A delivery man arrived with Starbuck brew
Everyone in a good mood, they never knew

By nine the computers were on high drive
Contacting customers they were still alive

A young girl admired her engagement ring
She planned to be married in the spring

Birthday balloons were delivered for Mary
The start of any ordinary day ‘cept for Harry

He volunteered and would leave his job
And join the marines like his brother Bob

Natasha was pregnant, her very first
Suddenly she had an insatiable thirst

These were some of the humble events
That commenced that day…

Trapped there was no escape from the inferno

No, those were not birds flying in the air People leaped into space, sometimes a pair

Into oblivion their lives did float away
So much lost, let's fervently pray

Grey sooty ghosts marched in silence
They pushed on home was their reliance

Churches gave rest and opened their doors
Restaurants gave free meals by the score

Never will I forget those people sacrificed
Cut so short when they were so full of life

For their sake keep the memory of the past
And cherish each day as your last.

Friday, September 2, 2011

ADIEU!!! Goodbye to August (c) By Polly Guerin

I care not to let these last days of August go

Those sweet lingering memories I know

Let’s re-capture her brilliant sunshine

Spontaneity and child-like laughter so fine

Carefree days with longer mellifluous nights
Time to revere and enjoy the halcyon sights

Sitting on a blanket listening to a park concert
The birds sing along and fountain plays a song

Leisurely languid days enjoying playful pursuits
Returning to friends, family rediscovering our roots

Canoeing like pilgrim explorers on a mirror lake
Not a worry, not a care we’re having a break

Apple pie scents waft through the beach air
We’ve come from a swim without a care

Laughing like children we gave up our reserve
To the magic of summer’s frolic we did serve

Our energy bursting we’re once again young, we’re gay
We antiqued and read books by the light of the day

By night the stars came out like diamonds in the sky
So I ask you now. Why must summer end, why?