Saturday, December 28, 2019


Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh

December swept in to close the parting year
With a frigid Arctic blast, snow was in the rear

Powder puff flurries temporarily dusted the scene
Then spring-like weather made us giddy and beam

Yet brilliant stars illuminated the holiday streets

The Christmas tree at Rock made it all complete

And the Winter Solstice chimed in to celebrate

With joyful hymns and candles for nature's sake

Do not forget it is the end of remarkable decade

Recall sweet memories, dear ones, before they fade

Christmas concerts set the joyous holiday mood

O Holy Night, Silent Night so familiar did soothe

Folks wondered how the year had gone by in a silent poof
Left us dazed and betrayed by precious time is the proof

Starry night, night of wonder we sent songs of love away

To tame a hardened heart far and wide on Christmas Day

Oh why must you depart and close out this end of year

We had so much more to do, to savor you my dearest dear

There was no holding back the time and the clock was ticking

Away the final hours came, and Auld Lang Syne was tweeting

December bowed out with amazing grace and let in a New Year!

Where "Dreams Do Come True," for a grateful heart sincere..

Friday, December 13, 2019


Once upon the time, in the long, long ago, Matilda Fizzibottom decided to donate her adorable and long treasured storybook Christmas tree ornaments to the Children's Library. Well, that day when the ornaments learned that they would be leaving for unknown places in the wide, wide world, it was quite news to them. 
    "Do not be upset," declared the Mouse Grenadier in his Christmas red uniform with gold braid and medals. His companion the Drum Majorette tapped away on his drum and the other ornaments cheered in unison.
      Just then an elf of a pink mouse sitting in a green Christmas stocking asked, "Who will read us a story from the Victorian Snow Children's book? 
      "I will," said Humpty Dumpty who sat on his own private bench wearing blue jeans and a silly grin.  His little stovepipe hat had fallen to the side of his head and he looked like he was ready to tell the story of the little boy who went out from his house in his snowsuit to play in the snow. "It was the first time he had ever played in the snow, so he watched the other children throwing snow balls."        

Storyteller Humpty Dumpty had every Christmas tree ornament's attention. Continuing with
glee Humty Dumpty had a special ending to the story. "The little boy was so excited about the snowballs that he decided to save one for himself, so he tucked it into a pocket in his snowsuit to show his Mother and enjoy later. Well, when his Mother took off his snowsuit the little boy dug into his pocket to show her the snowball, but it had melted and was just a mass of slush in his
pocket. "That just goes to show you, " said Humpty Dumpty, "That each day is a fleeting moment in time and like the snowball one's life can also melt away."
     After delivering his wise comments Humpty Dumpty smiled at the giraffe circus performer
perched on a small platform. The giraffe was dressed in a red and white gingham coat with a gold
harness and tail and was proud of being the tallest Christmas ornament in the collection.  His
favorite companion was a blue-eye circus cat who balanced himself on a green, gold trimmed balancing ball.
      The Christmas ornaments welcomed the presence of some snow white  paper angels with gold
crowns in their red hair and a Christmas caroler with a jaunty red pompom on his hat was softly singing Christmas carols, to which the Christmas ornaments joined in by humming. Then, too, there were three adorable little French poodle dog ornaments, all related by their curly white coats with ribbons and bow tie decoration.     

When the Librarian received the package many days ahead of Christmas she did not open it
immediately and the Christmas ornaments thought perhaps they would be forgotten. But, that did not happen, instead the Librarian took pleasure in placing each and every one of the Christmas ornaments on a special branch in the green Christmas tree, decked with a light snow dusting, in the children's wing of the library. The Christmas ornaments were full of joy, year after year,  whenever children came to visit them in the library.
     "That's all there is to this simply Christmas Ornament story," said Humpty Dumpty, "We are
happy to now reside in the Library where we bring the Christmas Ornament story to each boy and girl who visits the special Christmas tree where we now reside."
      "Wishing you Happy Holidays," he said, "and may your dreams come true with love from the Christmas ornaments."

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

ADIEU TO NOVEMBER 2019 By Polly Guerin

Must I say, too soon, Adieu to lovely autumn?
The calm repose of sun kissed days awesome

Stealing gently into the harvest of the year
I can still hear autumn dancing in the sphere

Crisp sunburn leaves soothe the troubled heart
Stave off the weary cares before they even start

The sweet chill of pumpkin spices linger long
The world is full of chirping happy bird song

With childlike wonder autumn's magic hour
Brought cartoon floats above the city bougher

The season ignites hospitality in the heart
And the congenial flame of charity to start

With great cheer assembled for the merry feast
Gathered folks with gratitude to say the least

I heard a thousand blended roaring notes
A frigid blast bore down with chilling strokes

Then, here's to the steadfast, brave oak tree
It stands with its pride, hale green for thee

Tuck November's  story inside a keepsake box
And save autumn's treasures to later unlock

Remember the sweet chill of autumn so dear
Return to its pleasures, again, but next year!


Saturday, November 2, 2019

ADIEU TO OCTOBER 2019 By Polly Guerin

Soft light, the calm repose of Autumn days
I smell Autumn dancing in October's phase

The trees were dressed in autumn splendor
Yellow saffron, ginger cream, chestnut hues

The Ashes, Oaks and Maples, an even many more
The leaves by hundreds did carpet the forest floor

With the
gentle chill, an the crisp sunburnt leaves
Then sweet golden kisses were all over the trees

The bird's came back to take a backward glance
To marvel at nature's glory in striking balance

Soothing life's weary to take comfort and rest
October began a magical month, the very best

A timeless time to press forward with the new
And treasure autumn memories and then renew  

Yet, I
still smell the sweet aroma of the pumpkin patch
And everyone,  a trick-or treater, opened up the latch

Columbus Day brought poignant pause to reflect
And remember those who reside in forlorn rest

Though some stormy weather dashed our dreams
The brilliant light returned in sun-kissed streams

Alas we must turn back the clock, brings the blast
Ti's sad that the sweet Autumn days could not last. 

Friday, August 30, 2019

ADIEU TO AUGUST 2019 By Polly Guerin

August memories will always linger in my heart
With the first kiss of summer's embrace to start

Brought hotter summer days and cooler nights
We shed our rigid persona and free, took flight

The heat cooled off by the welcome thunder rain
Wild flowers and green meadows refreshed again

Cooing birds and Crickets orchestrated the night
The plein air was pungent fresh to our delight

The last rose of summer on a white picket fence
A Nantucket cottage we stayed a week for rent

The aroma of the imperial sea lingers ever long
As it washes ashore with its roaring ancient song

Colorful sea glass sprinkled on the sandy shore
Building sand castles, foreign lands to explore

To live in the sunshine, swim away into the sea
Drink in the wild dulcet air renew you and me 

Sitting under the umbrella with a book I agree
Savor the lucent images of Nirvana sets us free 

August has passed yet summer wants to linger on
Between the pages of the next month they prolong

Sweeter dreams and treasured memories keeping
We bid farewell to August's golden days seeking

Oh! Happy Day! the happiest chapter of the year
With new postcard memories treasured my dear

Yet, another beautiful day, it's summer's last call
Interjects it golden heritage into the start of fall  

Thursday, August 1, 2019

ADIEU TO JULY 2019 By Polly Guerin

Everything good, everything magical
Seemingly happens in the summer

But July turned into a hot plate griddle
And the days just lay there and sizzled

The blood red Ruby is your birthstone
Passionate, dramatic you are not alone

With admirers around your golden flame
July hangs on the top of summer's game

Sultry days and dewy nights so it seems
Gives us pause to linger and to dream

As sea glass sparkles in the ocean sun
Stories of foreign lands have just begun

Beach books let us read and make plan
To vicariously visit some enchanted land

And sleep the sleep of dreams come true
Live in the sunshine, swim away, renew

Drink in the wild sea air and lose yourself
Leave worries behind store then on a shelf

Fill your baskets high with golden pines
Cool parsley, basil sweet and sunny thyme

Gather up memories on a dewy morning
Tuck them into a notebook, never boring

With July at the top of the livelong year
Gather sweet memories so close, so dear.

Friday, June 28, 2019

ADIEU TO JUNE 2019 By Polly Guerin

Lovely June the Mille Fleur month arrived in haste
The Summer Solstice brought us warmth and grace

The brides arrived and sailed into safe harbor
Their hearts entwined with love and ardor

Lush roses and lush strawberries on the vine
The air was blue, the lush green lawn so divine

Mating thrushes in the glen ushered in the day
Sweet June declared summer, take time to play

Flag Day reminded us to salute our freedom
May it wave forever now and every season

Then sweet June was baptized in a misty rain
A deluge ensued, climate warming was to blame

We tried to save the month from a calamitous end
Then in dewy air, June became our cheery friend

Father's day well wishers paid due honor to men
With gratitude overflowing in celebration they send

We mourn the fact that June flew in and out so fast
Memories of the sweetest month fleetingly did not last.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

ADIEU TO MAY 2019 By Polly Guerin

May is the sweetest month of them all
Sending pretty Muget flowers I recall

With Happy Springtime greetings
Lily-of-the-Valley was so fleeting

Tiny bells poised with ribbon stream
Their sweet message was so serene

Hopelessly in love with joys of Spring
And we lost ourselves in all its Bling

The trees burst forth lush evergreen
Myriad flowers smiled, so it seemed

Bringing the blossom time 'o the year
The world, colored fair of  every hue

Sweet May had come to send us love
To leave our seeming concerns above 

An lose ourselves in the Blue Blue sky
With 'over the rainbow' wonder why

The brilliant sun sent sunlit kisses
And tender hearts in turn submitted

And the birds a-glee with sunny song
Mothers Day came where she belonged

The sweet sparrows carol clear and sweet
The thrilling notes a thousand times repeat

Two perfect days ushered in Memorial Day
We bowed our heads for heroes so far away

Then savored sweet May before her depart
Yearning for summer's June soon to start

Monday, May 13, 2019

LONGING By Polly Guerin

Mysore Sand  Art Museum India, Sculpture by Amit Aggarwali

Where has thee gone my dearest love?

You held me borne like a tender dove

And let me hear you coo into my ear

Such tender thoughts I still hold dear

We were  airborne on a magical night

A mellifluous song so young, so bright

With hope and future longings to recall

When we were young and did not stall

It plunged us into the great abyss

As you tended me one last kiss.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

ADIEU TO APRIL 2019 By Polly Guerin

The earth was like a child again
That waxed poetic like a friend

Spring arrived in a color garden fair
With Daffodils and Tulips everywhere

Ever leaf was singing with roundelay
A chorus of chirping birds did replay

We felt spontaneous, giddy and gay
Wonderlust feelings go out and play

Then the winter chill re-appeared
The fierce windy blast cut our cheer

Frosty weather chilled our delight
Putting Spring forward overnight

Make up your mind oh fickle spring
Bring back sunshine and Spring bling

Then April rain came in fitful showers
Sent sweet kisses down for undue hours

Every ripple brook and pond was singing
Dewdrops from the sun were lingering

Then glorious days and golden weather 
Easter and Passover holidays together

Then the sun sang a darling lullaby
And squelched all the tears goodbye.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

EARTH DAY 2019 By Polly Guerin

The world is in a lull and weeping
Yet many people still are sleeping

White hunters strike, club baby seals
Their cruel acts for profit are surreal

Plastic seas kill, no chance for re-birth
Pollution covers the sickened earth

Sound the alarm precious species vanishing
At an overwhelming rate is their banishing

Sea creatures and corral reefs now at risk
Caught in nets they perish, do not exist

The angry seas and rising angry waters
Devour towns, begin the human slaughter

Families driven off the barren sick land
Deforestation is the new monied brand

Overwhelming climate change day by day
Do it now, Save our planet, this I pray

Restore us back to Earth Day's nature
Or does our fate depend upon the Creator?

Protest and petition loud and clear for change
Waste no time to put the blame lets rearrange

Write in and be counted among the first
Proclaim the urgency, end folly and reverse

Activate, do it now, join the outcry, be counted
Before looming catastrophe is fully mounted 

Awake and join the multitude in the planet cry
Before all hope is forever lost and we may die.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


The last days of winter were not over
With roaring wind and snowfall cover

The blast was loud and very shrill
We braced ourselves for the chill

When sweet syrup ran from the bark
Maple sugar gatherings were a lark

Then Mardi Gras' Fat Friday glee
Warmed our hearts and set us free

St. Patrick'  jolly revelers passed by
With pompous parade and green pride

International Woman's Day made haste
Le's not forget who made it in the race

Daylight savings time gained an hour
Yet swoosh went by and made us sour

The Equinox announced Spring official 
The land awakened with lush green thistle 

The sun was brilliant in the pristine sky
It was so welcome, so lovely, made me cry

March madness alas ended this weekend 
April entered politely, our dear, dear friend. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

ADIEU TO FEBRUARY 2019 By Polly Guerin

The Queen of February by Tiri Petr 

Fickle February entered on a whim
Couldn't make up its mind to begin

Spring-like weather, then a blast
Chilling bitter biting wind at last

Winter's sudden freak snowstorm
Then sunshine skies was the norm

February teased us along the way
Another surprise, a spring-like day

Valentine's arrived an warmed up hearts
Chocolate, bubbly and kisses just to start

Everyone in the pink of lively good cheer
With hide-n-seek weird weather ever near

Alas, February ended with gingersnap pace
Only twenty-eight precious days in the race

Pushed us forward into the arms of spring
Yearning for winds of change and bling

But Short-changed days chilled to the bone
Sent us dreaming now for a cozy nap at home

February's double face persona fell from grace
And a bit of March magic marched into place.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

ADIEU TO JANUARY 2019 By Polly Guerin

Image byKelly McKernan, Painter//Illustrator

Where did January go? I ask you Why?
Why did the month fly by, I sigh? 

A hectic-year-end caught us in its grip
We turned the page forward not to slip

Looking into the pasts fast-paced time
A hectic-year-end caught us in its prime

Happy New Year 2019 came up the line
Janus looks ahead to the future this time

And revelers settled down to reflect
To rewind and to never ever forget

Obstacles may clutter the new path
But courage and fortitude will last

So no matter what the new year brings
Rise up to the challenge dance and sing

Joyously welcome the luck of a clean slate
Remember your intentions it's never too late

Renew those latent dreams and fire them up
Own this year and fill up your creativity cup

Move forward on the wave of challenge
Journey to new horizons, you will manage

In skating on thin ice, safety is your speed
Say Adieu to January, dig deep, plant seeds

Clean out the closets, clean out the weeds
Initiate new ideas, let disappoints recede

With deep gratitude, live life with a spark 
Give thanks for renewal as January departs!