Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Blazing yellow forsythia dances into spring

Row after row the first bushes rise and sing

The state flower of Brooklyn, New York

Forsythia borders houses, field and fork

In the road forsythia ambling on declares

Its place in parks, cascade rocks beware

Wildflowers a riot of rainbow colors emerge

Blooming first a 'beauty blossom' is so rare

In the bloom of spring butterflies take flight

Spreading their happy rebirth now in sight

While busy builders birds build nests

To fledge their young and do not rest

Till the work is done a song is sung

And the leaves burst from slumber

Bursting forth green and cherry blossom

Pink drifting over forest and city streets

Renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth such joy

An explosion of blooms now deploy

Reminds us, marvel at nature's beauty

A gift bestowed without any duty.

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