Friday, August 30, 2019

ADIEU TO AUGUST 2019 By Polly Guerin

August memories will always linger in my heart
With the first kiss of summer's embrace to start

Brought hotter summer days and cooler nights
We shed our rigid persona and free, took flight

The heat cooled off by the welcome thunder rain
Wild flowers and green meadows refreshed again

Cooing birds and Crickets orchestrated the night
The plein air was pungent fresh to our delight

The last rose of summer on a white picket fence
A Nantucket cottage we stayed a week for rent

The aroma of the imperial sea lingers ever long
As it washes ashore with its roaring ancient song

Colorful sea glass sprinkled on the sandy shore
Building sand castles, foreign lands to explore

To live in the sunshine, swim away into the sea
Drink in the wild dulcet air renew you and me 

Sitting under the umbrella with a book I agree
Savor the lucent images of Nirvana sets us free 

August has passed yet summer wants to linger on
Between the pages of the next month they prolong

Sweeter dreams and treasured memories keeping
We bid farewell to August's golden days seeking

Oh! Happy Day! the happiest chapter of the year
With new postcard memories treasured my dear

Yet, another beautiful day, it's summer's last call
Interjects it golden heritage into the start of fall  

Thursday, August 1, 2019

ADIEU TO JULY 2019 By Polly Guerin

Everything good, everything magical
Seemingly happens in the summer

But July turned into a hot plate griddle
And the days just lay there and sizzled

The blood red Ruby is your birthstone
Passionate, dramatic you are not alone

With admirers around your golden flame
July hangs on the top of summer's game

Sultry days and dewy nights so it seems
Gives us pause to linger and to dream

As sea glass sparkles in the ocean sun
Stories of foreign lands have just begun

Beach books let us read and make plan
To vicariously visit some enchanted land

And sleep the sleep of dreams come true
Live in the sunshine, swim away, renew

Drink in the wild sea air and lose yourself
Leave worries behind store then on a shelf

Fill your baskets high with golden pines
Cool parsley, basil sweet and sunny thyme

Gather up memories on a dewy morning
Tuck them into a notebook, never boring

With July at the top of the livelong year
Gather sweet memories so close, so dear.