Friday, December 29, 2017

ADIEU TO DECEMBER 2017 By Polly Guerin

Must we say Adieu to December?
Those halcyon days I remember

This chilly month brought the sleet,
Blazing fire, and Christmas treats

Let's not forget the instant snow
Caused the city to take it slow

New Yorkers' mood was transformed
Christmas greetings were the norm

Then came the window holiday show
With child-like wonder, that we know

Celestial music and carols were sung
Even before winter's tale had begun

Then Hanukkah, Kwanzaa held fast
To other traditions that forever last

Against winter' warring icy blast
Glow warm deep hearth and last

Bright and warmer into the velvet night
Look at the night stars ablaze, alight

Time to make amends with family/friends
Let the fire of hospitality never, ever end

With charity, compassion in the heart
Prepare for a new year before it starts

Burn ever brighter clear flame of love
As we praise, give thanks for joy above

Round out the end of this precious year 
With grateful hearts for all that is dear.

Friday, November 24, 2017

ADIEU NOVEMBER 2017 By Polly Guerin

November came in nipping at our nose
And one colder day we nearly froze

Then a whipping wind tore into space
The tree branches pirouetted in place

The colors of nature warmed the palette
Cranberry vied with gold on earth's planet

Then, too, the Veteran's Day parade 
Reminded us not to forget the brave

And a season of deeply felt gratitude
Thanksgiving helped form our attitude

Pumpkin, butternut squash, apple pie
November's aroma Delicious! I cry 

Let's not forget sweet November
Take time to record and remember

The season of a harvestful bounty
Of good feeling sentiments counting

Those glory days with family, friends
The welcome mat open never ends

We hardly had time to savor November
Those treasured days by warm embers

Time to prepare for the joyous adventure
A holiday is on the threshold, did I mention 

Parting indeed is such, such sweet sorrow
Let's look to all that's brand new tomorrow 

So I bid Adieu to November's autumn phase
Soon frosty weather takes over within days!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017


It took a long time to become me
That's quite amazing I do agree

I have achieved, I have no regrets
I'm not the kind of gal who forgets

I remember how I squandered days
My youthful folly was another phase

Those precious days sadly wasted
Pinning away worried an unscathed 

Mooning over romance, lost love
Found relief from grief from above

I count my abundant blessings now
I know myself at last, yes I do avow

Awhirl in a joyous mature dance
An now I take a backward glance

My life story's in a perfect place
I'll write it down before the race

And take life back with gratitude
A new found joie de vivre attitude

To celebrate the new reborn me
My rejuvenation sets me free!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Adieu to OCTOBER By Polly Guerin

I am so glad that I live in a world
Where we have October to unfurl 

It was warm and cold, no rehearsal
Those autumn days, so controversial

Then the frost was on the pumpkin
A frigid winter day was somethin'

Autumn finally raised its sunny smile 
And sterling days lingered for a while

Forget not, the golden kisses of the breeze
Warmed our hearts even before the freeze

The ashes, oaks an maples were the same
And to the party leaves by hundreds came

Wine-red and golden bronze on the vine
The spectacular autumn show was divine

The hardy sparrows took a backward glance
Stayed on and on through the rainy dance

All Hallows Eve was a magical velvet night
With orange, gold and black, quite a sight

An star-diamonds fell from the night sky
As we dreamt of holidays in the festive pie

Pumpkin everywhere and pumpkin ice cream
Celebrating Indian summer, a mellow dream

Then October extinguished itself without fanfare
But, Autumn is my favorite season, I do declare!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

ADIEU to SEPTEMBER By Polly Guerin

Summer lingered into September
Hot and humid I do remember

Everyone made, Do, to survive
Waiting for Autumn to arrive

Alas, a cold blast drifted in
The end of September did begin

The cool aroma filled the stifled air
Everyone gladdened, fall appeared

Rejoicing the city trees sang a song
Urged autumn leaves to come along

Painterly color dressed in crimson red
Brushed with gilded beams instead

New beginnings marked the season
Pumpkins, apple picking good reason

Herald the opening of the new year
With outlook favorable, and my dear

 Enjoy the glorious autumn glow
Count the days now before they go

September's grand finale closes in
Savor these treasured days and begin

For too soon it will be winter's tale
Comes round so swift with the pale.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


One word, just a pleasing smile
Is all it takes to begin, beguile

Anyone, even a seeming stranger
Let happiness in, be the arranger

Of unsolicited good where you go
Be kinder today, you never know

An when you speak from the heart
A connection unites, has a start

Now a chance to change the world
Reveal wisdom and words unfurled

Speak from the depth of a frozen heart
Melt differences before they even start

Fill days with heartfelt compassion
Curtail concealing, even rationing

Be tenderhearted and then forgive
Enrich your spirit and joy to live

One word, just a pleasing smile
Is all it takes to begin, beguile.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


There once was a man named Stephen
Sent down with a plan from Heaven

To create for the date La Fete Polly
And make her birthday so Jolly

Sheltered by an Oriental screen
A private party set the party scene

A Champagne toast in crystal glass
Thai tastings in multi layers lasted

Red wine poured out at every course
This celebration plan was the source

Every minute detail not overlooked
So he wrote a note in a memory book

"La Fete Polly will last for years to come"
And that, my dear, records a day of fun!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

J'ACCUSE By Polly Guerin

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

J'ACCUSE By Polly Guerin

Lovers' Quarrel by French Painter Henri Gervex 1887

Once Upon a Time a man was enraged
When he read love poems on the page

This arrogant self-seeking husband
Beside himself with rage and thunder

Confronted his wife with indignant rage
Read tender intimate sentiments saved

Exposing heartfelt emotions in detail
With poignant memories never failed

So tender were the loving words chosen
He was at once angry his emotion frozen

Ignited his heart, he remembered the loss
But then again, what care, he was the boss

Convinced his wife so severely deceived him
He demanded to know the possible reason

And confronted his wife with rude demands
So sudden, so cruel, she did not understand

The confrontation was heated and very sad
But she was steadfast and seemingly glad

"My poems about YOU, when we first met
Somehow the years flew by, did you forget?

A gentle, caring lover you inspired my heart
Those wonderful early years from the start."

The husband admonished fell into his chair
Realizing his folly had fueled his despair.

Friday, August 25, 2017

CHICKEN POT PIE: Real an Delicious!!! By Polly Guerin

Chicken Pot Pie---it's made with Love!!!  

We seek it here and we seek it there
Anything other is fake, An it isn't fair!

Send the imitator back to the kitchen
Refuse to eat such impostor chicken

Real Food Takes Time and care
Like Chicken Pot Pie I do declare

It's comfort food,  a traditional dish
I'd like the real thing, that's my wish

Frozen veggies don't make the score
Obviously bought in a grocery store

Fake sauce obviously prepared in a can
No doubt, a chef's short cuts is the plan

Give me fresh carrots and English peas
 Organic chicken chunks if you please

Add sauce so succulent with cream
Whip in butter an it's a tasty dream

Top it off with a jaunty pastry hat
Slit the first layer, it doesn't go flat

What sets real Chicken Pot Pie above?
A special ingredient, it's made with Love.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

ADIEU AUGUST 2017 By Polly Guerin

American Poet, Celia Thaxter in her Island Garden on Appledore
Island, six miles off he coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The halcyon days of summer, ti's the end
Of languid days with my dearest friend

The month of August went flying bye
The forest trees awoke I cannot deny

Leaves danced to the baton of the breeze
Orchestrated by the dulcet wind to please

The lazy flowers got up to greet the sun
Even before the sweetest day has begun

Flowers most fragrant in the morning dew
Gather an save them  in a potpourri, a few

Loving the colorful wildflowers ever more
They tell me vivid windswept stories I adore

Listen softly, a myriad birds are on the wing
An the woods awake with magical music sing

Yet the halcyon days of summer draw near
It's time, keep treasures in the heart so dear

Vacation time, birthdays, a wedding, too
It was a joyous, busy month, but it flew

For in August the harvest days are borne
Bringing luscious greens and golden corn

But I will not forget August's longing song
My favorite eighth month is where I belong!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ADIEU JULY 2018 By Polly Guerin

Must I say adieu to sweet July?
But before I do here's my reply

With hot days and cooling showers
Peaches, plums and gillyflowers

Beach sand in between our toes
We're on holiday, everyone goes

Ferry rides across the East River
Chilly winds make us all shiver

Mother's house in sun and rain
Gone now, will  never be the same

Yet memories of sweet July pie
Tasty blueberry I did not deny

The cat curls up in the hot sun
While we plan our day for fun

Gathering basil and sunny thyme
Herbs to please us all the time

We fill our baskets with cool libations
Pack luscious lunch, nothing rationed

Lazy travelers we care not to leave July
Though the days pass too swiftly, they fly

And down by the sea the waves of time
Remind us, hasten our pleasure not to pine

A tiny hummingbird flutters its wings
Darting from Flower to Flower it sings

While all the flowers in the meadow awoke
In millefleur multi-colors for us to poke

About and clasp some Fleur to our heart
As every flower and leaf sets us apart

With wide eye wonder only July can bring
A month of fairy fruits and love is bling

How does the little busy honey bee
Fly about, so gaily flutter, so free

Roses fill the air in aromatic July
Petal by Petal we count and rely

On such wonder and beauty each day
Must we say goodbye to July today?  

Saturday, June 3, 2017

PROSPERITY By Polly Guerin

I am not very rich, rich at all she said
Wonder what's going on in her head

Let's tally up the realistic basic score
Believe me there's much much more

Than dollars to value one's worth
Dig deep into the coffer and search

For therein find the prosperity in life
Unlimited access to everything is nice

Enriching one's mind with new ideas
An interesting, fulfilling life never fear

That abundance is waiting at the door
Your worth is counting up the score

Open up with hope, believe and trust
For prosperity is far beyond the lust

Your silver lining may soon turn to gold
Happiness is far richer I have been told

Give thanks for 24 hours alive with joy
In a never ending journey never recoil

Await unexpected gifts, and windfalls
Surprise invitations will soon enthrall

Wait and listen to the still small voice
It whispers a promise, that is very nice!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I think I'll stay in bed awhile
And recall the days past by

Lay there and free the dream
For life is never what it seems

Slipping into a sea of memories
Delving deep  seems like centuries

And remember I am not alone
The treasures from the past I own

Like golden nuggets I do recall
Some more precious of them all

An sink into reverie and release
Cry awhile it will give some peace

Ah, so good to purge the anguish
Of unfulfilled dreams we languish

In the ever streaming of love lost
Yes, Ti's time to forget the cost

Of unfulfilled ambition denied
Yes, Ti's time to recall and cry

Why Why Why must we go on
And on, like a lamenting song

Acknowledge the perceived loss
It was just a phase in life's course

Why dwell on these sad melodies
Get up, get out of bed if you please

Now awake to the power of NOW
Be grateful for a chance to avow

A new day's fresh adventure awaits
Your heart's desire for goodness sake

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Everyone's life is like a book
Here and there in every nook

You are the author of each chapter
First of all it's storytelling you're after

At each turn of the blank page
Find stories to the end of the age

Each day holds the key to a new chapter
New adventures, opportunity you're after

Disappointments even made you strong
Into another chapter they belong

Joyful remembrances take first place
Provide times of peace and give space

To thoughts of ancestors long gone
Into another chapter they belong

Write new stories daily of your life
Well lived with gratitude did suffice

Build the narrative of your life
With sentimentality, even strife

Use words that are honest an bold
It's your personal story to be told

Your story like a magnificent rainbow
Is multi-colored and arched like life

A personal treasure, so do not lock
But put it in a forever keepsake box

Attune each day to new fresh ideas
You're an author now never fear

Writing a book is a gift to yourself
A gift giving story not on the shelf

Whatever direction your unique story takes
Express yourself now for goodness sake!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Agostino Carracci's Whispering Angel

I promise to be really really good
My intent is firm and understood

I'll try to commit to one tiny favor
The joy I give for someone to savor

Whisper a promise on the face of the moon
Remember to keep loyal an to make room

Do something kind at moment's notice
Grasp the opportunity and give advice

Make a pledge, stay constant and firm
It's easy to do it right now and learn

To donate an volunteer to a worthy cause
My true intent enriches it all as I pause

To remember some other older friend
Call often, sending cheers to the end

Make time to send a sweet written note
A thank you card is the best I wrote,

Send someone the perfect loving gift
Whisper a promise, don't be remiss.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Child's Enchantment By Polly Guerin

Let's escape beyond the forest trees
A secret life, the Lilliputian's,
                                            if you please!

Where fairies build castles and dens
 And write pretend stories by the pen

Their little houses can be seen by day
At nighttime they come out to play

Tiny folk in green leafy clothes
Of moss and floral they pose

To amuse a summer's day at play
We join in the merry romp today

There we enact fantastic tales
And slay dragons it never fails

Imaginary monsters an sing songs
Tripping through the velvet faun

In this enraptured place I belong
I count the days, that I be gone

A thunderous storm burst forth
All the tiny dwellings were lost

Yet, I remember enchanted time
That only fairy tales can remind

Those wondrous days do not last
We grow up, my dear, far too fast!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

ADIEU Dear Life By Polly Guerin

No earthly grave for me
in dark twilight years, I be

Alone in the cold damp ground
Missing nature's joyous sound

I do not expect to wither there
They'll be no one to even care

And set a flower by my stone
For I be here quite all alone

No, No no wooden coffin box
Plunked down with forever locks

I prefer to return to humble dust
Take my ashes but do not rush

Go gently to some quiet glade or glen
Somewhere, where I have never been

An spread my ashes among songbirds
Singing love song I have never heard

And let the wind take me faraway, far
Where field flowers bloom like a star

And here I rest my weary tired head
Nourishing the nature's earth instead

The silent earth beneath my flight
Into the heavens I might alight.

Friday, April 7, 2017


Spring arrived early this year
Why February?it was not clear

Early blooming red-maples burst
Bloomed buds died at first

A snowstorm came the other day
Migrating birds lost their way

Their food supply lay frozen
Nature caused commotion

Flowers confused had bloomed
Were frozen in their gloom

Daffodils nodded to their icy life
Their numbered days  a sacrifice

Chipmunks stayed underground
Nary a nut could be found

The trees dried up their sap
They shuttered and moaned

Their leaves were iced and cold
No one had known or foretold

A lone coyote gave a mournful cry
Alas, ti's sad to have to say

Shed a tear for the passing of joy
Never to enchant girl or boy

The beautiful spring of yesteryear
Is gone forever, my dear

More snow predicted is on the doom
Must lovely Spring leave us so soon?

Friday, March 3, 2017



The relentless pounding of the sea
Takes us into its lure where we see

Its salty texture bites our skin
And draws us further, further in

Till floating on a seaweed bed
We rest our weary troubled head

With these few moments there is release
Where we find infinite joy and peace


I will go down to the grey brooding rocks
And sit there amongst the seabird flocks

And dream a dream, or so it seems
I will stay there near the crashing sea

That clears the path to joyful song
It's in the sea lullaby where I belong

It tells me stories of a foreign land
For it has traveled from sand to sand

And lapped upon the shore of each place
With frosted crest of the waves'n grace

What strange and foreign ports of call
I surrender to its relentless squall

And find solace in its raucous song
The mesmerizing sea is where I belong.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

TENDER HEARTED (c) Valentines 2017: By Polly Guerin


Let's be kinder and more tender hearted
Even before Valentine's day has started

Despite perceived affection or love lost
Sweetness melts disappointed thoughts

Forget petty grievances and alight
Dispel disenchantment and reunite

Love is the golden thread in the blanket of life
Weave cautiously with warmth, tender hindsight

Look to the world through the eyes of love
Empathy endures forever like a cooing dove

Surround yourself with new found kindness
A compassionate heart dispels blindness

Let there be sweetness in your vocal discourse
Be tactful, it's time to change with no remorse

Reject the platitudes of life, instead renew
With humble gratitude be faithful, be YOU

A steadfast follower, love forever lasts
With pleasant memories from the past

Love conquers all, diminishes discontent
A kinder, a gentler seeker is the intent

Renewed, infused with a tender heart
Let us embrace at last, before we part

Monday, January 2, 2017

NEW YEAR'S 2017 By Polly Guerin

Greet the New Year full of promise and hope
Though challenges may surely come to cope

Conjure up a new attitude, a new passion
A change of heart, give love, do not ration

Grasp inspiration with child-like wonder
And visualize ideas to create and ponder

Focus on your heart's desires as fulfilled
Infuse thoughts with color and be thrilled

Keep anticipation upbeat and sublime
See good be fuifilled time after time

Bringing success, healing and the very best
Tally up the score, you're richer than the rest

A grateful spirit is on an upscale course
Forget past disappoint and perceived loss

Move forward purposely with new goals
As the New Year's promises unfold

Take enough time with wisdom and strength
Move forward on the extra mile, extra length

List all the new things you plan to finally do
With a new focus, driven by passion renew

Your goals and set them free to explore
A new beginning you've never seen before.

Happy New Year 2017!!!