Monday, February 20, 2012

INFECTIOUS JOY (c) By Polly Guerin

I see it in a radiant face
As delicate as fine Alencon lace

Infectious joy surpasses moods
A beautiful smile always soothes

Love of life energizes uplifts
Softens stress and drifts

Into the stillness of a park
Stroll in nature on a lark

Breathe in the verdant air
Trees emerge, never were there

Radiate with awe and wonder
Color your life and ponder

With gratitude a new kind of joy
Infectious laughter like a girl or boy

Fill your basket with gifts of love
Distribute kisses like a dove

A happy heart is irresistible
Hugs and big hugs are permissible

Give love and watch love’s return
It’s something we have to learn

Your love for life surpasses ages
Your bountiful joy be contagious.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Don’t let critics downplay your dream
Adversity is not all that it seems

Just a small nick in your great plan
Even if they grunt don’t understand

Stay focused to the triumphant end
Supported by loyal, inspired friends

Select those who champion you
In every effort it is your due

Soar to heights beyond measure
Even small joys be your pleasure

Your conviction never swayed
Success is yours rolling on a wave

Rushing to shore to claim victory
Applause awaits your synergy

Against all odds your dream peaks
Awards await the patient one who seeks

Rise up with accolades and honor
Your golden years be much fonder

The pinnacle of achievement scores
All congratulations and honor be yours.