Saturday, March 10, 2012

DREAMCATCHER, Weaver of Tales (c) By Polly Guerin

Become a dreamer, weaver of tales
Dreaming big, bigger never fails

Expand your vision beyond the pale
See yourself successful, never fail

Secure in your house dream in peace
Doubts, fears therein will release

Protected inner space, no one to pry
Sheltered dreaming, it’s alright to cry

Don’t let self-pity overwhelm
Seeds of greatness you have sown

Expand your vision; you’ll be fine
Dream the dream, one day at a time

See yourself accomplishing your dreams
Reality is never quite what it seems

Find your own secluded place be inspired
Dreamers are victorious, never tired

Realize that dreams are a special gift
With solid expectations, do not drift

Stay on a steady course to port
A dream is precious, never bought

Yours’ alone to overcome all odds
There’s more ahead to deeply prod

Be the reaper of dreams, inspire friends
The never-ending dream never ends!

Polly Guerin
PollyTalk From New York

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