Monday, March 19, 2012


Remind us daily to forgive and forget
There is so much more joy ahead

Remind us daily to smile at a stranger
Brighten the daily, you be the arranger

Remind us daily to reflect on it all
Don’t regret, spend time to recall

Remind us daily, the good and the sad
Happy is your reward and be glad

Remind us daily to focus on what’s right
Press the delete button on a negative site

Remind us daily to look into someone’s eyes
Speak words of encouragement you are so wise

Remind us daily tell someone they’re doing great
Compliments spread joyfulness, it’s never too late

Remind us daily to do amazing things
Where symphonic music makes us sing

Remind us daily how beautiful we are
Rising like an angel right here, not far

Remind us daily how talented we are
Hitch your wishes on a brilliant star

Remind us daily friends are a treasure
Always there to listen, give pleasure

Remind us daily pet’s unconditional love
A blessing to everyone, sent from above

Remind us daily to give thanks for each day
Revel in the glorious renewal don’t give it away

Remind us daily to pour love into encounters
Your happiness soars eliminate bounders

Remind us daily that there so much more in store
New heights of ascend be honest to the core

Remind us to be generous to befriend the meek
Sleep like a baby when you reach your peak

Remind us daily you’re the master of your fate
Start on a new regime it is never too late.

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