Thursday, December 30, 2010

GRATITUDE NEW YEAR 2011 (c) By Polly Guerin

What have I to be grateful for-
Shall I tally up the gainful score?

And count my successes 'n failures as won
Acknowledging accomplishments and fun

Letting the past year pass with gratitude
For cherished memories, the positive attitude

Cherishing the bounty of family and friends Pure love given freely but it never ends

Grateful for safe haven and peaceful shore
Blessed are we who know the score

Release, free yourself, let go of the past
Disappointments, prayers unanswered do not last

Let your heart be lighter and smile encore
Be amazing, dance in the rain and laugh more

Be your best self-assured, a wiser You
It’s a chance to assess talent and renew

Vow to fulfill each day with joyful enthusiasm
Don’t let naysayers curb your passion

Move forward courageous without fear
Welcome in the Blessings of a Happy New Year

Expect surprises, the wondrous gift of the future
And a brand new chance to make your dreams come true!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Must the snowflake be so fleeting,

In its wintry frozen greeting?

Melting our hearts with intricate memories

What story would each snowflake freeze?

In time to unlock our hearts in global love

As the silent, frosty gift descends from above

Swirling and dancing before the windowpane

A zillion snowflakes no two alike in the frame

Lacy and fragile each snowflake in frozen glory

Diverse complexity tells myriad lifetime stories

There’s great beauty in this master plan

Treasure the infinite design because you can

Each snowflake new, six sided on view

Frozen snow crystal lets us renew

Our childlike marvel and joyful heart

Re-capture each moment before you part

Like life’s short lived past

Must the snowflake melt so fast?

Monday, November 22, 2010

AUTUMN GLORY, A Thanksgiving Tribute (c) by Polly Guerin

Stillness settles o’er the earth

The trees are sleeping before rebirth

Just yesterday they wore golden hair

Their crimson garb with sunlit flair

Their starring role awesome and serene

The tall oaks in their last days of green

Maroon dogwoods and pink hydrangeas

Tall oaks tower over gapping strangers

Over the valley aflame with poplars

The landscapes quiet under the stars

Autumn colors set the world aglow

Now shed their fiery leaves below

Toasty yellows carpet my garden path

Must the chill of winter come so fast?

As the trees take their final bow

Katsura’s burnt sugary smell’s a wow

Like the crisp topping on crème brulee

It fills the air with tempting spray

The maples have poured out their heart

Liquid gold, deep amber from the start

Evergreens punctuate the scene so fine

Emerald and dark green, needles ‘n pine

Come and revel in fall’s color glory

Nature tells such a brilliant story.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Email Thank Yous (c) By Polly Guerin

Thank you Emails leave me cold
Though expedient I’ve been told…

But I much prefer the personal touch
Cause I love you so very much…

A written card in hand is very grand
Know you’re busy, I understand…

But those Emails I cannot treasure
A Thank You card thrills beyond measure…

I love to save them in a keepsake box
Where I keep their message under lock...

To re-read another day and reminisce
Your Thank You card will never miss...

Telling me you’ve taken the time
To write a note of thanks so sublime.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

BROKEN PIECES (c) By Polly Guerin

Family and The Broken Tea Cup by J.A. Stewart

How can I mend a broken heart?
Each jagged piece is where I start

This tiny broken angle is a fragile part
of a treasured teacup bought on a lark

It began on Spring Day, joy to savor
Something wonderful was in our favor

Life unfolds with many twists 'n turns
Like these broken pieces I learned

The glue of life reminds me anew
Of opportunities before we knew

Though rainy days will surely come
Keep courage up before you're done

Amazing things are in God's plan
Gluing the teacup pieces says 'I Can'

Reap the rewards that are on their way
Be prepared mend the cup, don't delay

Mold the teacup into a positive whole
Make solid affirmations your goal

Count your riches family, friends
Your joyful renewal should never end

Abundant life 'n health your cup is full
Gluing teacup pieces all you need do.

Monday, August 23, 2010

CONDOLENCES (c) By Polly Guerin

Rest your head upon my breast, dear one, come near

I will stroke your silver hair and wipe away
the fear

Let your soft tears fall like dew upon
my cheek

I embrace your heartache and sorrow so meek

I’ll kiss your wrinkled forehead wise and dear

Your lamentation will fall softly on my ear

Lift up your heart and hear the joyous rapture

Remembrance is a treasured gift to capture

Sacred memories never cease nor depart

Store them tenderly in a widow’s heart

Clear your sorrowful weary burdened eyes

Sunshine brightens memories we cannot hide

Reveries collected so dear tokens of lifetime love

Give permission to say goodbye like a soft dove.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A DISTANT MEMORY (c) By Polly Guerin

Listen to the hushed murmur through the trees

Whispering lost memories if you please…

Stirring up reverie and fond symbolization

Listen to the tinkling distant orchestration…

Tugging deep into the depths of my heart

I hear the serenade of a woodland lark…

Playing a tune of longing and forgotten love
The distant sound under the blue sky above…

The days passed swiftly obliterating each kiss
Placed on a child’s forehead I dearly miss…

The cymbals and tinkling fairytale sound
Chimes a reminder how life goes around…

Embraces so cherished, arms empty now
Bring back the sweet sunshine and avow…

To speak softly of times of yesteryear
Cherish the memory faint as a whisper…

Remembering the days of childhood wonder
The spirited melody lilts while I ponder…

I was happier than I can scarcely recall
There was gaiety, love, we all had a ball…

Time to gather these memories in a keepsake
Hearing the lark play its tune on the lake…

The distant shore brings a melody so sweet
The whisper in the trees and treasures to keep.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Reverie (c)

Summer Afternoon, Summer Afternoon!!!

The happiest words I croon…
A song of remembrance of yesteryear
When the languid days made it clear….

“What a lovely time is summer!”
A hummingbird is the hummer…

A wonder it floats through the air
From flower to flower with delicate care….

Propelled by the morning wings so fleeting
Their enchanting tiny excursion my greeting…

The sunflower banquette in a seaside lullaby
Leans toward the sun like a happy child’s cry…

Wild blossoms tumble in profusion I spy
And the morning glory climbs up to the sky…

The sweet primrose waits till sunset to unfurl
Unlocking its rich perfume like a rare pearl…

At night the breeze caresses like a feather
Sent as a gift of fair weather…

Wafting against my cheek like a lover
I dream of its touch only to discover…

A thunderclap tears apart our embrace
Into a shelter, cooled off we race…

I can never forget those halcyon days
United with nature despite the haze…

Longingly I yearn to remember these treasures
Knowing this reverie can never be measured.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sea Lullaby (c) By Polly Guerin

Ode to the Sea...
Lulled by the turbulent soliloquy

The soft rolling waves caress the sea…

Clammy-eyed I succumb to the silence
Clearing my thoughts with reliance…

Cares and city cacophony drift away
Clearing the debris for another day….

Sea birds sing a mournful bleep
Stirring emotions in the deep…

The sea bound breeze brushes by
I accept its wisdom with a sigh…

It plays a withered seafarer tune
Rocking, rocking it cradles a loon…

Sweet dreaming I dare not awake
From a sea song slumber for my sake…

Might life go on like a sea lullaby
Embraced with love before I die?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celia Thaxter American Poet By the Sea (c) by Polly Guerin

Celia Thaxter in her Island Garden, painted by Childe Hassam.

Dear Celia Thaxter: I discovered the incredibly beauty of your poetry inspired by your life on Appledore, one of the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire, which I visited so long ago. Your island garden so painstakingly maintained by the Portsmouth Horticultural Society brings to mind the patience and endurance of a woman whose love for the minutest detail of nature found its way in your poetry and also your watercolors and ceramics. Every flower, leaf, bug, slug, sandpiper, seabird and the mighty gray rocks were your friends and blossomed into poems of joyful recognition for their amazing contribution to a life well lived by the sound of the sea.
At first glance the Isles of Shoals seems very sad, stern and bleak, but to you Appledore, where you lived, it was enchanting. You perhaps ascribe your poignant poetry to the sound of the sea to the fact that people forget the hurry and worry and fret of life after living there awhile, and, to the imaginative mind, all things become a dreamy tableau of never ending beauty. The eternal sound of the sea on every side seemingly wears away the edge of preoccupation with the mainland; sharp images become blurred and softened like a sketch in charcoal and tranquility takes over the senses.
By Celia Thaxter: As happy dwellers by the seaside hear In every pause the sea’s mysterious sound, The infinite murmur, solemn and profound, Incessant, filling all the atmosphere, Even so I hear you, for you do surround My newly-waking life, and break for aye About the viewless shores, till they resound With echoes of God’s greatness night and day. Refreshed and glad I feel the full flood-tide Fill every inlet of my waiting soul; Long-striving, eager, hope, beyond control, For help and strength at last is satisfied; And you exalt me, like the sounding sea, With ceaseless whispers of eternity.
Celia reminisces “All flowers had for me such human interest, they were so dear and precious. I wondered how every flower knew what to do and to be; why the morning-glory didn’t forget sometimes, and bear a cluster of elder-bloom, or the elder hand out pennons of gold and purple like the iris; or the goldenrod suddenly blaze out a scarlet plume, the color of the pimpernel, was a mystery to my childish thought. And why did the sweet wild primrose wait till after sunset to unclose its pale yellow buds; why did it unlock its treasure of rich perfume to the night alone? Few flowers bloomed for me upon the lonesome rock; but I made the most of all I had, and neither knew of nor desired more. Ah, how beautiful they were!” (From “Among the Isles of Shoals, by Celia Thaxter, 1873, J.R. Osgood publisher)
Life on the Isles of Shoals, in its remote and pristine beauty vividly colored Celia’s poetry and prose. As I witnessed this sea-locked vista I can tell you that the landscape of the Isles of Shoals has changed little since the time when Thaxter lived there. First as daughter of the lighthouse keeper on White Island Lighthouse and then later on Appledore where her family had the finest island hotel which became an intellectual and literary Mecca drawing artists like Willam Morris Hunt and Childe Hassam to the Shoals as well as well known authors. The burden of caring for her brain-damaged child, Karl, and an invalid husband, Levi, must have weighted heavily on her and would surely have been enough to discourage any writer, but Celia was committed to her role as a poet. She wrote with quiet passion of the place and land that she loved most and gave poetry readings daily throughout the summer season at Appledore.
Celia Thaxter (1835-1894) reputation as the most popular of America’s women poets far surpassed many other poets’ names better known today. Yet Celia’s fame began to wane around 1894 but is regaining its place with new legions of followers today who have come to appreciate her poignant sentiments. And now I leave you with an excerpt from Celia Thaxter’s poem “Land-Locked.”
O Earth! Thy summer song of joy may soar
Ringing to heaven in triumph. I but crave
The sad, caressing murmur of the wave
That breaks in tender music on the shore.

Tranquility (c) by Polly Guerin Inspired by Celia Thaxter, American Poet

Celia Thaxter's Garden by the Sea in Appeldore, the Isles of Shoals, a group of nine small rocky islands off the coast of New Hampshire.

Tranquility (c)
By Polly Guerin

My heart is in the land by the sea

Tranquility is the place I yearn to be....

Where the roaring waves tame the rocks

Sending vibrating rhythmic shocks...

Somewhere a lone fiddler plays a mournful tale

While outside rages a surging gale...

In a sudden the sun breaks blue

Clearing clouds the day renews....

Bringing love and radiant hope

Encouragement, the will to cope...

The storm of life was a passing cloud

The fiddler's mellifluous tune now loud...

And the jig of life dances like the sea

Yes, the land of tranquility is where I want to be!

Friday, June 11, 2010

BABY STEPS (c) by Polly Guerin

Now is the time to get started
Don’t delay and be downhearted…

Take Baby Steps forward to learn
Naysayers not be your concern…

Every disappointment is a gift
New doors open don’t resist…

Rise up and claim your place
Be a Winner in the race…

Dream on and make it YOU
Put ‘FIRE’ in what you do…

Don’t let anyone talk you down
Turn their attitude around…

It’s not too late for you
Success makes it all come true.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Poetry is often neglected in today’s high tech society resulting most significantly by the preoccupation by individuals with text messaging, cell phone use, iPods and other mechanical devises. This causes a cold interaction with plastic and metal that does not enhance the human spirit. Constant use of high tech devices can cause an individual to feel out of sync with one of life’s greatest pleasures: the written or spoken word. The reading and reciting poetry has lingering and uplifting vibrations exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts. Poetry can also be a health benefit that helps to create a feeling of serenity, an oasis of calm or an avenue of encouragement or enlightenment.
There’s a great deal of pleasure to be had when you are alone just by reading poetry, but reciting it out loud could also give you considerable satisfaction as the words replenish beautiful thoughts. When a few friends gather in a poetry circle and someone with a lovely voice recites the inspired words aloud the affect can have positive vibes on the listeners in the group. When deciding on poems to read, at first chose poems for their simplicity, mood and message. Just as they do in a book club, after the poem is read, engage the friendship circle in a lively discuss of shared responses to the poem. I remember how a delightful friend with an exquisite tone to her voice as well as her ability to articulate certain words with emphasis at a holiday party recited the poem, “T’was The Night Before Christmas.” (Clement Clarke Moore) Although many of us had read this poem many times before, as we heard it read out loud we were spellbound as if held my some magical force that elevated our holiday cheer.
In my poem Broken Pieces, (by Polly guerin 3/30/2010) for example, there is a message that each person can clearly define merely by reading it. As my dear friend Jan Cullinen said, “I really enjoyed it. Your positive outlook on life is so welcome in a world gone mad!” Yes, poetry can lift us out of the deluge of a computer driven and high tech society. If recited before retiring poetry can lull us to sleep, by day it can uplift our lackluster spirit, it can replenish our need to be centered and calm and it can have such a soothing effect that can make the workday seemingly pass with relative ease and efficiency.
For your pleasure here is Broken Pieces:
How am I to mend a broken heart?
Each jagged piece is where I start....
This tiny broken angle is a fragile part
Of a treasured teacup bought on a lark ....
It began one Spring day, joy to savor
Something wonderful was in our favor....
Life Unfolds with many twists ‘n turns
Like these broken pieces I learned....
The glue of life reminds me anew
Of opportunities before we knew....
Though rainy days will surely come
Keep courage up before you’re done....
Amazing things are in God’s plan
Gluing the teacup pieces says ‘I can’....
Reap the rewards that are on their way
Be prepared mend the cup, don’t delay....
Mold the teacup into a positive whole
Make solid affirmations your goal....
Count your riches, family friends
Your joyful renewal should never end....
Abundant life ‘n health your cup is full
Gluing teacup pieces is all you need do.
I adore getting feedback from my friends and acquaintances and share a few with you. Patt Mihailoff, a celebrated author of mystery and romantic novels said, “Dear Polly, Only you can write though provoking prose about a broken tea cup and make it whole and beautiful once more. Thank you for sharing Broken Pieces.” Andrew Baseman of Andrew Baseman Design, an interior designer also mends antique broken pieces of china said, “Thanks so much for sharing your poem Broken Pieces. I forwarded your poem to the editor of Tea Time magazine.” Dear reader, won’t you please make a comment to this poem of your own or tell me about your favorite poem at the end of this blog in the comment section? If you do, thank you I will look forward to reading your response.
Why not write your own poem, you can do it and you do not need to be a wordsmith either. Keep it simple, rhyming two lines to start and before you know it you’ve created an inspiring work straight from your heart. Share it with your poetry circle; share it with family and friends. Read it out loud and savor the words as they flow gently from your imagination and inspired spirit. Wherever you live take the opportunity to attend poetry readings, be brave enough to ask if you might recite your own poem at another session. Get into the poetry grove and discover the great pleasure that poetry can bring to uplift your emotions, revitalize your appreciation and help you to recover the true meaning of a creative life.