Monday, November 26, 2018

Adieu to November 2018: By Polly Guerin

Those golden days i well remember
Autumn is the heart of November

Just yesterday the trees were ablaze
Came Indian summer another phase

Leaves galore cast off every brilliant shade
The lovely weather sent us on an escapade

Now toasty yellows carpet my garden path
Must the chill of winter come so fast?

A one-day snowstorm in frenzy came
Some say climate warming is to blame

Alas sparkling sun lit days arrived
Glorious evergreens the last to survive

Emeralds and dark green, needles 'n pine
The arrival of Thanksgiving was divine

Even though winter reared her chilly head
We were off to the parade, so jolly instead

With all the happiness and love to bring
Friends and Family together they sing

Days brimming with good fortune and cheer
The very best of everything, at hand this year!

So much to be thankful for, time to renew
Sing a song of gratitude, dance a little too

Feel the Autumn magic caress your heart
Give some love away, do it now and start

With so much everyday to be thankful for
Cherish memories of November once more!