Monday, September 14, 2015

SAVOR THE MOMENT: poetryfromtheheartbypollyguerin.blogspot

Must we be so discontented?

By technology we are affected

This moment may not come again
Yet we would even text a friend

At lunch or dinner there’s no excuse
You say it’s important that’s the ruse

You’re simply not fully in the moment
To savor every morsel and delicious intent

A walk in the woods is a restorative jaunt
Talk on the phone and the moment won’t

Add to the pleasure and mild disconnect
From the sound of the birds joyously sent

You don’t understand that unhappy feeling
Your patience is sapped and your senses reeling

Multitasking has its place and time
Doing it always is a pitiful crime

Promise yourself to savor each bite
It may be hard, do it with all your might

Gently bring yourself back to the moment
Share conversation, connect with life

Don’t let thoughts wander away to the phone
Alas you may find yourself quite alone.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Let’s shed our shell of discontent

By metamorphosis is what I meant

Like a cocoon that becomes a Butterfly
Why not morph yourself and try

To remove the layers of sadness
And renew yourself with gladness

Chose colorful patterns that reinforce
Your inner wisdom is the source

Lifelong learning is an added plus
Do it now---in yourself do trust

Look for lessons to improve
Put yourself in a new grove

Pause, reflect before giving answers
Handle it better, knowledge enhances

Release limits; shine with an inner glow
Your positive presence everyone will know

Claim a clean slate spread your wings
Uncover your true self and joy it brings.

Monday, July 20, 2015


WELLS, MAINE July 2015

Wooden steps outline the forest path
The bench in the forest is where I pass

 Giant trees give shade from beyond
And nearby frogs frolic in a pond

Then silence passes over the land
In this tranquil sanctuary I stand

Contemplating the invitation to sit
The bench so inviting, I’ll stay a bit

And there my thoughts are drawn
To reverie and dreaming so long

I’ll take time to contemplate and stay
Sitting in silent stillness as I try to pray

A chipmunk dashes by in a whizzed blur
His destination hunting so I do not stir

The leaves are dancing to the wind’s wand
Its mysterious messages come from beyond

The bench in the wood has magical messages
All that is needed just sit quite still and listen

And hear the answers to your heart’s desire
The revelations are so pure you’ll never tire

To return again and again in this soft glen
Where silent reverie is your best friend.

Sunday, June 28, 2015



By Polly Guerin

Oeufs a la Neige (“eggs in snow”)

Where do I go to escape?
It’s dessert for goodness sake

I seek it here I seek it there
Its frosty white, floats on air

Oeufs a la Neige, eggs in snow
A tempting dessert this I know

The white of eggs beaten to a froth
Originally egg shapes were the source

The whites shaped with two spoons
Or poured into a mould so groomed

Meringues floating on crème anglaise
Tempts the palate like je me plait

It melts in your mouth and did I tell
It’s drizzled with nuts and caramel

I’m craving this tempting treat
No other dessert can beat

Floating Islands take my breath away
I’ll just have to wait for another day.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Before the gentle windswept dunes
The silent sentinels sit marooned

Yonder sailboats drift out to sea
With multi-colored sails I see

Red and blues aloft dot the vista
Brilliant colors in the placid sea

Gliding across the waves of time
Defined by nature the view sublime

It’s tranquil time for the smallest dreams
I review the daydream list or so it seems

That the exquisite serenity, a quiet release
Gives us time to ponder, time for peace

A dragon fly is the keeper of dreams
Lets imagination surface or so it seems

It stills the mind to create and contemplate
Ideas take flight, all brand new at any rate

In this escape from a plugged in world
Day dreaming encouraged, ideas unfurled

Release dormant creativity once submerged
Savour precious time till you have the urge

To create in the quiet solitude alone
There go and find your muse reborn,

Let daydreams work into fact your fondest dreams!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

THE CHURCH LADY'S HAT (c) By Polly Guerin

Leslie James Hat 

Her fantasy hat sat perched on her head
Everyone wondered where it was breed

Each Sunday the hat looked brand new
What had she added, not anyone knew

Crepe paper rainbow flowers arrived
And covered the crown to our surprise

Next week lilacs and lily of the valley bloomed
It was a wonder the hat even had the room

Week four she added green ferns to the brim
The hat was overweight, lost its former slim

Then she added tiny dancing hummingbirds
Some parishioners thought the hat absurd

The Hat Lady ignored their quaint surprise
It was a gorgeous creation in her eyes

Then one day she added two satin bows
With streamers descending far below

There was no stopping her creative nerve
The Hat Lady persevered and did serve

To up end everyone’s envy and alarm
But the hat had such appealing charm

It was the talk of the whole congregation
An amazing hat creation in the nation

She even entered the hat in the Easter Parade
And her triumph was assured and made

The Hat Lady a celebrity on the front page
The hat became famous and all the rage.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WHEN I SLEEP (C) By Polly Guerin

When I am gone lay me down to sleep            In a sweet wildflower meadow deep

Spread my wings among the Lupines
 Under the brilliant iridescent sky I lie

Hummingbirds patrol my bower
And dig deep into the nectar flower
And bees sipping honey so sweet
Buzz off to return again we meet

Scattering song and sowing seed
Chatting birds sing joyful need

Even when it showers and drizzles
I will nourish the earth as it fizzles

And rest my head on an earthly pillow  
Meadow sweet, blanket of the willow

Shades me from the blinding sun
Before the day’s awakening begun

I shall be silent and rest in peace
Glad to lay there in joyful release

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

WONDER WORDS (c) By Polly Guerin

The power of words can be soft as a prayer
To show you are concerned, that you care

Wonder words sound like a baby’s smile
Innocent and protected for a little while

Words well chosen are like nuggets of gold
Enriching, restoring as the story is told

The right words can change a person’s life
Or cut them down to size with an edit knife

Tarnished words lack dignity and truth
Too often used by unspeakable youth

Good conversation is becoming so rare
With pointless obsession we cannot bare

The sight of someone on an electronic device
If they could just pay attention it would be nice

The manipulative power of words change
The monotony of the everyday to rearrange

Our life’s adventure of the spoken word
Encourage and support, let it be heard

Wonder words lead us out of a static world
Where fond memories are forever unfurled

Keep focused on precious human traits
Keep talking, talking before it is too late.  

Friday, February 13, 2015

LOVE IN ACTION (c) By Polly Guerin

Love goes deeper than the heart
Even before dreaming let’s start

To smile a little more each day
Dispel gloom cheer on and say

“Hello” to everyone you meet
Your message so kind so sweet

Treat everyone with unexpected kindness
Lend a helping hand to other’s blindness

Silently bless a passerby’s transgression
Pardon their rudeness and did I mention

Anticipate need before it is requested
Put out your arm, help an elder guest

Share love in a ripple effect it spreads
More love to love, from love instead

Send loving energy into this world, I beg
The power of love brings peace instead

Put love in action every minute, today
Capture love’s rich reward I pray

May joy lighten your heart and multiply
Remember memories on the brighter side

Share good news an like spun gold
Everyone’s life enriched foretold.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tick Tock Table (c) By Polly Guerin

The acceleration of time puts me in a spin
The days flash by before I scarce begin

The minutes rush past as if in orbit
The hours join the race and forfeit

How can we hold back the time?
I’d give gold to solve the crime

Dreaming of a lush languid day
Before I sleep, I fervently pray

So much more to finish before I go
Into the abyss, for this I know---

February is the promise of a kiss
May brings with it may time bliss

Sweet June has a warm sandy heart
July rushes in with a flip-flop start

September renews autumn colors
October touches down with umbrellas

November’s family reunions top the scale
Then, December celebrations never fail

To let January sneak back into the race
Hold on, hold back and slow the pace

Don’t get frantic, take time to savor
Every morsel of the tick tock table.

Be open hearted to the new January blast
Take control, re-claim time before we pass.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 Poem (c) By Polly Guerin

            Oh Celestial Stars Sparkling so Bright
Grant me this wish I’ve made tonight?

That peace and sanity spread over the land
And reconciliation the mantra, world plan
Counting the past lessons now learned
Bring in the New Year gift at every turn

Cast out forever, doubt and unfounded fear
A positive New Year emerges very clear

To focus on the good things yet to come
Make a list before the New Year’s begun

Welcome new opportunities in your path
New beginnings are here for you at last

Fast forward with energy into the future
May your heart uplifted be the suitor

Raise a class of champagne to yourself
Get ready for new ideas off the shelf

Recite affirmations, confirm your calling
With confidence your talent is scoring

Celebrate the gift granted, a brand New Year
May it bring you love and lots of good cheer!!!!