Monday, November 22, 2010

AUTUMN GLORY, A Thanksgiving Tribute (c) by Polly Guerin

Stillness settles o’er the earth

The trees are sleeping before rebirth

Just yesterday they wore golden hair

Their crimson garb with sunlit flair

Their starring role awesome and serene

The tall oaks in their last days of green

Maroon dogwoods and pink hydrangeas

Tall oaks tower over gapping strangers

Over the valley aflame with poplars

The landscapes quiet under the stars

Autumn colors set the world aglow

Now shed their fiery leaves below

Toasty yellows carpet my garden path

Must the chill of winter come so fast?

As the trees take their final bow

Katsura’s burnt sugary smell’s a wow

Like the crisp topping on crème brulee

It fills the air with tempting spray

The maples have poured out their heart

Liquid gold, deep amber from the start

Evergreens punctuate the scene so fine

Emerald and dark green, needles ‘n pine

Come and revel in fall’s color glory

Nature tells such a brilliant story.