Friday, March 21, 2014

IT NEVER ENTERED MY MIND (A Reverie) (c) By Polly Guerin

It never entered my mind

That it would come to this

I did not have every wish

It never entered my mind

That in life always be kind

Troubles, tears I might find

It never entered my mind

I just did it with a kiss

Was it something I missed?

It never entered my mind           

That anyone would go away

They were all here, every day

It never entered my mind

An empty place at the table

I tried to forget, wasn’t able

It never entered my mind

And gladness faded away

What more can I say?

It never entered my mind

It takes courage to forget

So engaged otherwise, yet

It never entered my mind

That life might end this way

What care I what they say

It never entered my mind

My freedom gives me cause

To reflect on it all and pause

It never entered my mind

That it would end this way

Alas, tomorrow is another day!

Monday, March 3, 2014

THE SONG OF LIFE (c) By Polly Guerin

The violin sings tales of sadness
Of forgotten dreams and gladness

The piano strikes up a different tune
A giddy pizzicato fills the room

Together they play the lyric life
Young and foolish I was a wife

The melodic melody strings along
Recalls the first notes in my song

Life is a dualistic serenade
Memory lingers does not fade

But there is joy, pick up the beat
Resolute do not admit defeat

Uncover one more unique note
I sang with joy before I spoke

Listen a little closer to hear
Trust a little more my dear

Life is short, ends too soon
Sing and play a happy tune

Contribute to the song of life
Tender words and sound advice

Dream the dream you were born to live
Banish sad memories and lets forgive

From deep in your heart open up
Accepting unfolding joy is the rub

Listen more patiently, wait
For answers at any rate

Brings resolution on a new note
Play out the melody I wrote

Surrender to what is asked
Sing the Song of Life, be glad!!!

IMAGE: FANTASY ART by Budi Whteper