Wednesday, April 13, 2011

INTO THE SILENCE (c) By Polly Guerin

OUR LADY OF SILENCE >> Into the stillness of my thoughts
Where reveries arise and sought

To remember with surprise

How each memory kept us alive

Tis' time now to release them; forget

The disappointments that were met

Everything old must pass away

Start afresh, start a new way

And focus on the positive phase

Of those joyful halcyon days

Honor the memory that renews

A healing space within brews

Into the deeper silence find peace

Widen your vision and release

Your thoughts with re-found hope

All’s well you’ve got strength to cope

Set aside all thoughts of discontent

An enriched life was meant

Create a new space filled with love

Embrace the silent gift from above.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lean upon my shoulder dear one, draw near.... I will stroke your bonnie hair, wipe away the fear... Let soft tears fall upon my cheek I embrace your sorrow so meek... I will kiss your furrowed forehead so dear Your story will fall softly on my ear... Of days long spent and gone Lift up your heart hear the joyous song... Remembering is a treasured gift Keep sacred the memories don’t drift... Cross out sorrow from your heart Tomorrow’s new beginning is the start... So clear your weary, sorrowful eyes Let anguish go with a deep sigh... Release sadness and say goodbye From these reveries we cannot hide... But put them in a keepsake box There they are forever cherished and locked.