Friday, December 9, 2011

IT'S NOT QUITE WINTER, YET (c) By Polly Guerin

It’s not quite winter…

The leaves still clutch the branches

Reluctant to let go of autumn
Of life itself…

Most have lost their rainbow colors
Parched and thirsty…

While black and rusty squirrels dart
Among the leaves…

A maple-leaved viburnan’s ghostly now
Awaits its fate…

The slightest breeze steals the last leaves
In a ballet dance…

This oasis in the forest sanctuary to
Other species…

In the solitude a black-capped Chickadee

Fee-bee, chika-dee-dee-dee repeating
His whistled song…

A huge buck comes round the bend
Majestic antlers…

Like a general in command he ascends
A rugged mound…

And surveys the changes in the land
Becoming barren…

A black crow complains, complains
Crying caw, caw caw…

As if warning that the frost is near
The warning clear…

But it is not quite winter, not quite yet!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Haunting hungry faces remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To have abundant food…

Jobless Joyless unemployed remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To have work…

Abandoned Aimless homeless remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To have a safe home…

Suffering Sick despair remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To be without pain…

Charitable Giving Causes remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To be able to contribute…

Silent Sentinel beggars remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To show compassion…

Strangers Stranded remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To give help…

Soldiers Soldiering alone remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To acknowledge their sacrifice…

Seniors Solitary waiting remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To give them comfort…

Thanksgiving Celebrations remind me
To remember how fortunate I am
To partake of the bounty.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A SONG IN MY HEART (c) By Polly Guerin

Rejoicing I sing a song of joy each day

Hoping the feeling will not go away

But be my life’s melody, set me free

A glad-hearted chorister I’d be

Raising voices resound in gratitude

With songs of high-powered latitude

I celebrate the glory of life’s rhythm

My heart beats in tandem notes given

Lofty voices spread harmony everywhere

I choose lilting songs with loving care

Spreading a global symphony of peace

Bringing the world comfort and release

Celebrating life lift up your joyful voice

Be harmonious glad keepers and rejoice.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AUTUMN RAINBOW (c) By Polly Guerin

The dazzling sun floods the forest

Turning leafy branches into a
Painter’s autumn palette of hues

A mélange of greens from vibrant jade

To pure mossy tints framed in gold

High above in the canopy hints

Of orange, pumpkin and a splash

Of scarlet red darts between

The symphonic blast of colors

That only nature can produce

With a hint of royal purple here

A few wildflowers linger with

Goldenrod reigning supreme

While the green laden path below

A winter’s tale with its foreboding

Chill closes out Indian summer

And white wood asters begin to fade

The wind plays a myriad of tunes

A bird soloist pours forth sweet song

And in this solitude slivers of silence

Stills the discordant highway sounds nearby.

Friday, October 7, 2011

DEAR JOHN LETTERS (c) By Polly Guerin

Every other day I receive a Dear John letter

And things don’t seem to be getting any better

It’s not the kind of letter you have in mind

In short it’s worse, it’s really a crime

You see, I’ve been rejected again and again
So how in the world should I find time to defend?

My Novel, it’s bound to touch somebody’s heart
So why do I complain from the start?

Cause this is the 20th Dear John I have received
How did my story angle get rejected, I grieve

Could my heroine have been more mysterious?
My hero so in love that he’s delirious?

Just what do these editors want anyway?
When my book gets published they’ll rue the day

They passed my novel up without recourse
Perhaps self-publishing is the course

To take, at least for now before I break
Let me see my novel in print for goodness sake

I’ve enough Dear Johns to plaster the walls
My vim and vigor has been untimely stalled.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

REMEMBRANCE 9/11/2011 (c) By Polly guerin

An eerie silence shrouded the city
So many perished, such a pity

Without a clue they went to work that day
Never to return, here’s what I can relay

The night watchman was asleep
The chef arrived at 3am without a peep

The day awoke crystal clear a brilliant sun No one suspected what malice was done

Ambitious Steve pressed through the mob
James went early to be the first on the job

Ginnie bought breakfast on the street
Co-workers were greeted so complete

A young lawyer thought that she was late
The fledgling intern got in at eight

A conference was in full swing down the hall
A worker put in a long distance call

The Boss was jovial as he came in
His secretary said ‘good morning’ with a grin

An urgent message was on a manager’s desk
The mail was sorted like all the rest

A delivery man arrived with Starbuck brew
Everyone in a good mood, they never knew

By nine the computers were on high drive
Contacting customers they were still alive

A young girl admired her engagement ring
She planned to be married in the spring

Birthday balloons were delivered for Mary
The start of any ordinary day ‘cept for Harry

He volunteered and would leave his job
And join the marines like his brother Bob

Natasha was pregnant, her very first
Suddenly she had an insatiable thirst

These were some of the humble events
That commenced that day…

Trapped there was no escape from the inferno

No, those were not birds flying in the air People leaped into space, sometimes a pair

Into oblivion their lives did float away
So much lost, let's fervently pray

Grey sooty ghosts marched in silence
They pushed on home was their reliance

Churches gave rest and opened their doors
Restaurants gave free meals by the score

Never will I forget those people sacrificed
Cut so short when they were so full of life

For their sake keep the memory of the past
And cherish each day as your last.

Friday, September 2, 2011

ADIEU!!! Goodbye to August (c) By Polly Guerin

I care not to let these last days of August go

Those sweet lingering memories I know

Let’s re-capture her brilliant sunshine

Spontaneity and child-like laughter so fine

Carefree days with longer mellifluous nights
Time to revere and enjoy the halcyon sights

Sitting on a blanket listening to a park concert
The birds sing along and fountain plays a song

Leisurely languid days enjoying playful pursuits
Returning to friends, family rediscovering our roots

Canoeing like pilgrim explorers on a mirror lake
Not a worry, not a care we’re having a break

Apple pie scents waft through the beach air
We’ve come from a swim without a care

Laughing like children we gave up our reserve
To the magic of summer’s frolic we did serve

Our energy bursting we’re once again young, we’re gay
We antiqued and read books by the light of the day

By night the stars came out like diamonds in the sky
So I ask you now. Why must summer end, why?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ON GOD'S MOUNTAIN (c) By Polly Guerin

On God’s Mountain
Rio de Janiero, Brazil August 19, 2011

The concrete colossus, by man, planted in the sky

Christ the Redeemer majestic on Corcovado cliff

Softens the heart of the mixed masses of Rio

With arms outstretched it exudes peace and brio

It towers over skyscrapers and the lush primeval forest

World tourists and pilgrims come to stand in awe and rest

They pray to the greatest symbol of the eternal City

Transforming the penitents and tourists with pity

The Redeemer’s arms gather all the faithful forgiving,

Head bowed Christ’s face looks down on the living

Awestruck by the Redeemer’s powerful attraction

The colossal Wonder of the World is their reaction to

An Art Deco style wrought by the sculptor Landowski

Redeemer’s monumental presence is the gateway to humility

The key that opens the door to Brazil’s spiritual world

This architectural Christ dignifies with beauty unfurled

Welcoming all of mankind, not just Rio.

What a marvel it is to be on God’s mountain!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

COPACABANA VISTA (c) By Polly Guerin

From the 37th Floor of the Windsor Atlantica Hotel Rio de Janiero, Brazil 8/22/11

High in the clouds overlooking Copacabana’s curvilinear coastline
The singing sea rolls in on crashing waves to the sandy shore
I gaze out my hotel window in awe….

Hovering above in the clouds on Corcovado cliff, visible today
Christ the Redeemer outstretches its arms with compassion
Where pilgrims pray and revere in reaction…

Soldering forth automobiles and tour buses like toys on parade
Command every inch of the traffic lanes to their destination
Weaving their way along the wavy tile promenade…

A loving heart seems to pulsate in this tropical place
Where the lush forest intermingles with their lives
And a feeling of peace and harmony resides…

From the wealthy to the humble mountain Favelas
And the pulsating sambas these Carioca’s co-exist
Their Portuguese pride cannot be missed…

In a land that claimed Carmen Miranda as their own
Enchanting the world with her Latin song
So many seeds of culture were sown…

And Villa-Lobos’ passion for the tropical exuberance
Created lush music with Afro-Brazilian themes
In melodies romantic and magical…

Rio casts a spell on all kinds of people
It steps to the beat of the raging waves
Cool comfort surges up before the sun’s rays…

And another day awakens in Rio de Janiero.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adirondack Soliloquy: THE BLUE CANOE By Polly Guerin

What say you about the blue canoe?
Wrought in woods from the land
Was grounded, I could not understand…

She once coasted along the forest shoreline
Solo in the innocent rusticity of this place
She was a slender beauty and had grace…

A tribute to craftsman’s sleek creation
Now painted a vivid blue, like the sky’s
Descent to darkness, she sailed no more…

But sat perched high on concrete blocks
Inside her core no wanderer paddled
But a riot of colorful field flowers spilled forth…

For she glided ‘or the lake no more
No watery grave for this blue beauty
She was painted like a tarty courtesan…

In deep marine blue, and she knew her duty
Serving as a tourist attraction
I invite your reaction…

Should the Blue Canoe be so confined?
Her liberty is what I mind
I'd rather see her ply the waters.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


With the gentle stroke of the paddle

A lone canoe glided on the mirror-like lake

Through the morning mist…

During the tedious torture of that hot summer

At morning’s break, the sun standing at a distance

Glared in yellow mango over the parched earth…

The blue sky seemed burnt ablaze like liquid gold

Casting image reflections onto the cool waters

The intense heat almost unendurable…

The tedious torture of that hot summer

Bore down unrelentlessly with a vengeance

While the shrill voice of nature awoke…

In the distance the plaintiff call of an unseen loon

Transported us into the wilderness

Plying the waters along the forest of ancient cedars…

On the shore they went through the shrubbery and

Down a walk bordered with myriad of colorful field flowers

There the birds sang a chorus of welcome…

A cooing pair of ring-doves slept in the honeysuckle

And a whippoorwill had settled in a giant cedar

Sending forth its morning message…

Suddenly a silent gloomy stillness filled the air

And a light breeze sprang from the blue depths

Of the lake dispensing cool comfort…

But a sharp shivering rain began to fall

The rising wind sobbed and wailed mournfully

Surrounding a rustic cabin where they took refuge…

And across the silent, gloomy stillness

Thunderous rain fell on the earth

And poured out its anger on the agonized heat…

Giving the prematurely darkened day,

Night before its time

Drawing sultry July to an end.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Smell the sweet fragrance of life
Purge negative aromas and strife

Don’t let the gentle scent pass you by
Breathe in its pure content with a sigh

Clarity moves on waves of fresh air
Bringing streams of living vitality clear

Indulge in thoughts romantic and poetic
Evoking times, places, people, be aesthetic

Transport yourself on airborne streams
Abandon restraint, respond to your dreams

Let the fresh breeze engulf your realm
Listen intently for the message at the helm

Breath in new beginnings, new thoughts
Clear the air of stale retorts

Float free of time and sail away
Carrying hope, of love and joy replay

With delicate grace retrace the path
The fragrant buds of wisdom will surely last.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS (c) By Polly Guerin

Spoken words are metamorphosistic

One minute they come crashing down

Another time words send you reeling
Or toss you around like a merry-go-round

Uncharted spoken words can be catastrophic
Without merit your limited view can be myopic

But life-giving words break down low self-esteem
Letting us accomplish beyond our choicest dreams

Just one loving compliment can change a life course
Pile on the compliments, “You’ve got the resource,”

Be the leader of your personal cheering squad
Shout out praises to everyone bold, out loud

Your positive words can set a person free
Just tell someone, “I’m proud of you,” and see

The door opening up wider to their destiny Your kind hearted gestures are full of glee

Restoring confidence where lackluster sits

Say ‘You’re great in what you do” it fits

Encouragement lets people choose to excel
Reach out; let someone know that you can tell

They’re someone special and ring a bell
Ringing out praises, announce they’re well

Kind words spread health and healing
Put your heart into every loving meaning

Keep the positive punch in every phrase
Do it often, feel the buoyant joy rephrase

Choose wisely the words that you convey
Bringing hope to all in need we pray.

Monday, May 30, 2011

MEMORIAL DAY 2011 (c) By Polly Guerin

It seems fitting that rain
Should fall on this Memorial Day

The pain and sorry will never go away

Like the tears of parents each millennium drop
Represents a brave departed hero, it never stops

Rain pours buckets with thunderous applause
Acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice for the cause

Lighting strikes, lights up the sky till we cry
Those brave young heroes why did they die?

Nothing hurts loved ones more than recalling
The dreadful foreign places where they were falling

They dreamed of making their mark in first place
Time ran out in battle, they did not win the race

With hearts crying out this loss of a family’s pride
Their broken hearts, their sorry they cannot hide

Once the celebration, parades and ceremonies cease
Don’t forget the loved ones who brought us peace

Devoted husband, loving son and brother, a patriot
We honor the brave Americans, don’t think we forgot

You gave heroically your tomorrows for our today
Nay never forgotten for you our Heroes we pray

With grateful hearts we celebrate your life
The world made a better place by your sacrifice.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

CANDLE WISDOM (c) By Polly Guerin

Life’s trials and tribulations like a burning candle

Brings us joys and heartache we can handle

It flickers when the foul wind blows

Ushering the unexpected, who knows

Despite the vicissitudes of life

Keep the candle lit despite the strife

Darkness fades in its glowing flame

Sunshine beams and dispels the rain

Its colorful flame lights up courage

Accept the challenge don't begrudge

Instead of sitting stagnant on a shelf

It’s a chance to reinvent yourself

Rejuvenate flare up with new found hope

Life gives us marvelous mysterious scope

So keep the flame of life ever bright

Say your prayers and say “good night!”

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A MOTHER WAITS (c) By Polly Guerin

Sleeping Woman by Tamara deLempika

How can a mother forgive a broken heart?

There’s so much hurt it’s hard to start

Waiting, waiting, her daughter/son never called

They picked up the phone but were stalled

A phone call would have brightened her day
So many disappointments she dared not say

All that is left are tokens in a keepsake box
Mementos she treasured are there locked

She recalls the joy of their angelic faces
But they’ve moved on there’s no traces

Alone in the silence a mother dreams
Recalling the child in that halcyon scene.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A BASKETFUL OF LOVE (c) By Polly Guerin

'The Convalescent' c 1875 James Tissot

A visit to a Convalescent…

Bring with you a party basket full of Love

Fill it up with prayers from above

Include teacups and saucers for two

Candy kisses, chocolate, gourmet cookies, too

A book, magazines to while away the hours

Something spiritual to give them powers

Note cards and stamps easy to mail

Writing one’s memoire never fails

Promotes good healthy vibes and rejoice

The convalescent may talk it is their choice

Listen, let wholesome words light their way

Your comforting visit brightens their day

An hour or two spent in a tea time chat

Hastens recovery and that is a fact!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

INTO THE SILENCE (c) By Polly Guerin

OUR LADY OF SILENCE >> Into the stillness of my thoughts
Where reveries arise and sought

To remember with surprise

How each memory kept us alive

Tis' time now to release them; forget

The disappointments that were met

Everything old must pass away

Start afresh, start a new way

And focus on the positive phase

Of those joyful halcyon days

Honor the memory that renews

A healing space within brews

Into the deeper silence find peace

Widen your vision and release

Your thoughts with re-found hope

All’s well you’ve got strength to cope

Set aside all thoughts of discontent

An enriched life was meant

Create a new space filled with love

Embrace the silent gift from above.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lean upon my shoulder dear one, draw near.... I will stroke your bonnie hair, wipe away the fear... Let soft tears fall upon my cheek I embrace your sorrow so meek... I will kiss your furrowed forehead so dear Your story will fall softly on my ear... Of days long spent and gone Lift up your heart hear the joyous song... Remembering is a treasured gift Keep sacred the memories don’t drift... Cross out sorrow from your heart Tomorrow’s new beginning is the start... So clear your weary, sorrowful eyes Let anguish go with a deep sigh... Release sadness and say goodbye From these reveries we cannot hide... But put them in a keepsake box There they are forever cherished and locked.

Friday, March 25, 2011

PICK UP THE PHONE (c) By Polly Guerin

Where have the laughter, the hidden smiles gone

The voice of communication now forlorn?

No ringing caller comes to chat
Or even discuss a personal spat

I can just hear by the tone of one’s voice
What troubles preclude their choice

To spill out details, an unhappy time spent
Or share the joys of life’s celebrated event

A caller can bring even on an overcast day
Something an impersonal email cannot convey

Keeping touch by email lacks emotion
There’s no vocal inflection or commotion

Abbreviated words on a printed page
Lack the wisdom of a spoken sage

As people choose to shortcut to email
The living element of communicating does fail

To connect humanity from the heart
So think before you email, before you start

Take a minute and pick up the land phone
So someone out there will know they are not alone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WHEN SHADOWS FALL (c) By Polly Guerin

Into each life gloomy shadows may fall

It is the moment that we recall

When dark was the day of discontent

Trying to unravel what it all meant

Though life’s shadows may seem long

This passing cloud does not stay strong

The sun will break through the gloom

Clearing the way for you to resume

A positive outlook on another day

Rejoice in its portent don’t dismay

No one’s life is perfect or unmarred

The secret message 'do not get scarred'

Take it all in but think twice

Remember it’s a part of life

Don’t be hard-hearted and mean

At most it’s only a temporary dream

So when shadows fall and they surely will

Cast off the clouds be calm, be still

Be light-hearted and try to smile

This too will pass, only last awhile

Lift the sullen veil let the sunshine in

Renew, take courage and again begin

To reclaim your joy and start a new chapter

Remember, your happiness is what you’re after!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

FLEETING MOMENTS (c) By Polly Guerin

A passing smile goes on a mile
Sending waves of love to a child

The gentle touch of a mother’s hand
Reassures, let’s us understand

To trust in the hand that holds
The secret of our heart foretold

The beauty of sunset, sunrise
Assured each day to our surprise

The blue, blue spiritual sky
Its permanency does not lie

All is well you are not alone
The great creator is on the throne

These fleeting moments may surely pass
But a greater love will always last.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

TAKE LIFE GENTLY (c) By Polly Guerin

Summer Breeze painting by Dianna Willman
The soft mellifluous breeze
Filters through the trees…

On a mid summer’s night
Caressing my cheek so slight…

Like a gentle hand of love
Sends a message from above…

To pause, take life more gently
Do not go heavy handed but relently…

Be more sensitive and romantic
Embrace love be less frantic…

Slow the pace of treasured minutes
Stretch each day beyond its limits…

Etch each moment in a journal
Savor every item every kernel…

Celebrate every day as a gift
Time rushes by as we drift…

Away into the great abyss
May your numbered days be bliss.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

YOUR STORY (c) By Polly Guerin

Each page in the book of life

Tells of heartache, love and strife.

How well will you tell your story,

Will it celebrate life’s glory?

And be glad of the choices made
Was it one of courage and comrade?

Inspiring others to greater achievement
Despite lost victories and bereavement?

Did you champion of the goals of others
Be a faithful steward we’re all brothers

Were you creative even in miniscule tasks
Inspiration and pride of work was asked

Someone imbued with a generous heart
A first responder before you part?

If disappointment came your way
Know there is hope in another day

Write a new chapter on a positive note
Reconfirm affirmations on what you wrote
Each day a newborn page unfolds
Inscribing your account and goals

Make life changes on each page
Learn from your story like a sage.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Sometimes our dreams seem curtailed

Review your faith, it never fails

Lasso your elusive stars

Fulfilled dreams are not too far

Live the life you imagined

Create it as you fashioned

Revel in each day’s re-birth

Give thanks you were put on earth

Recall the dreams of long ago

Create them in daily time and know

Thou life seems short changed

Remember happiness is within range

Start living your dreams, why wait!

Open the welcome gate

“Why reach for the moon

When you have the stars?

*Inspired last line in the film, "Now Voyager" (1942) when Bette Davis says to Jerry, "Why reach for the moon, when we have the stars."

Meaning: If you reach for the moon, or reach for the stars, you are going to achieve something great, or do something challenging.

Friday, February 18, 2011

SING A SONG OF JOY (c) By Polly Guerin

The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

Start off with a refrain
There’s wisdom to gain

Take life easy and grow
Sing a song pianissimo

Build up your courage and go
Keep upbeat time in fortissimo

When joy arrives you’ll know
Shout loud sing in crescendo

There’s more joy in life
So sing a new song

As joy bubbles up in laughter
It’s diminuendo you’re after

Sing, sing for the joy of living
Musical scales are so forgiving

They lift your spirits beyond the pale
Staccato notes never fail

Reveling in a sense of well being
Let me hear you singing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GIVE ALL to LOVE (c) By Polly Guerin

Love by Pop Artist Robert Indiana
Valentine’s Day 2/14/2011

Do not awake to find
That Love is gone

Other loves await us
You can right a wrong

Plant love’s forgiveness
Heartbreak abates

Never give up on love
It’s never too late

Mysterious and beautiful
Kiss a stranger’s lips

Take the hand of wanting
A world full of riffs

A lonely child awaits us
Famished and forlorn

A mother yearns to kiss
Cold lips just born

So many brave men gone
Deaf to a lover’s song

I am old with wondering
Why the reason Why

The world is full of weeping
Must love be denied?

Kiss the child take the hand
Send love across the land

Say ‘Yes’ to your hopes and dreams
Life is never what it seems

Open your heart to happiness
Spread the Gift

Eternal Love remains.

Friday, January 28, 2011

RE-ENCHANTMENT (c) By Polly Guerin

“Chanter” (French) sing out loud beyond measure
Follow your instincts give everyone pleasure

It’s time to fall in love with the simplicity of life again
Forget routine, the daily grind every itty bitty sin

Be enchanted as you never did before
Daydream and travel to distant shores

See the world let your imagination take flight
Gaze at the multitude of dazzling stars at night

Remember to make a wish upon a star
Answers granted are on their way, not too far

Count your blessing, taste life a little
Soften a disappointed heart that’s brittle

Suspend disbelief say, “Yes” help yourself
To abundant joys waiting on the shelf

Allow a deep sense of beauty to be your plan
Do it now!!! Just because you can

Seize the moment, let your hair down
Go barefoot on the grass wear a fairy crown

Forgive your shortcomings, clear your mind
Laugh until you cry happy, the joyful kind

Create time and space, go there and find joy
Become re-enchanted like a little girl or boy

Discover the secret dreams you let slip away
Thrill to the moment with delight, be gay

There’s no point in wearing a disappointed frown
Live life to the fullest and wear a magical gown

Dare yourself each day to be re-enchanted
Get carried away, a beautiful life is granted.

Inspired by the writing of Father Paul A. Keenan

Friday, January 21, 2011


So you’re not the artsy type

Beware my dear of all the hype

So what…
You can’t write a poem, paint or potter
You’re probably doing something even hotter
Don’t give up cause you’re not a gourmet chef
And think there’s probably nothing left

It isn’t true…

You turn the ordinary into something special
You’ve got brains, imagination and metal

Creativity goes beyond the arts and crafts
You make the day fun and everyone laugh

You don’t have to be artistic to infuse
Your home and career with creative muse

Don’t lock your creativity deep inside
Release apprehension go for a wild ride

Re-invent yourself from the inside out
Let everyone know your creative, shout

“I am creative” and “I have divine ideas”
Let them spring forth freely through the years.

*Art by Gail/Shabby Cottage Studio

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Did you know that you are richer than you think?
Don’t just count up your assets in a wink

Count instead your talents and strengths
Go to your inner value, to all lengths

No matter how poor you feel
That evaluation is not really real
Discover the gift of family and friends
Your talent is abundant never ends
It outnumbers any obstacles in your path
Disappointments, I tell you, do not last
Whatever difficulties exist they are minute
They’re no match for someone creative and astute
No, my friend, intrinsic value is not the case
Nor a fortune, riches, real estate or place
So re-evaluate the cash value of your worth
You’re a unique talent placed on earth.
Image: Illinois Association for Gifted Children