Sunday, August 28, 2011

ON GOD'S MOUNTAIN (c) By Polly Guerin

On God’s Mountain
Rio de Janiero, Brazil August 19, 2011

The concrete colossus, by man, planted in the sky

Christ the Redeemer majestic on Corcovado cliff

Softens the heart of the mixed masses of Rio

With arms outstretched it exudes peace and brio

It towers over skyscrapers and the lush primeval forest

World tourists and pilgrims come to stand in awe and rest

They pray to the greatest symbol of the eternal City

Transforming the penitents and tourists with pity

The Redeemer’s arms gather all the faithful forgiving,

Head bowed Christ’s face looks down on the living

Awestruck by the Redeemer’s powerful attraction

The colossal Wonder of the World is their reaction to

An Art Deco style wrought by the sculptor Landowski

Redeemer’s monumental presence is the gateway to humility

The key that opens the door to Brazil’s spiritual world

This architectural Christ dignifies with beauty unfurled

Welcoming all of mankind, not just Rio.

What a marvel it is to be on God’s mountain!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

COPACABANA VISTA (c) By Polly Guerin

From the 37th Floor of the Windsor Atlantica Hotel Rio de Janiero, Brazil 8/22/11

High in the clouds overlooking Copacabana’s curvilinear coastline
The singing sea rolls in on crashing waves to the sandy shore
I gaze out my hotel window in awe….

Hovering above in the clouds on Corcovado cliff, visible today
Christ the Redeemer outstretches its arms with compassion
Where pilgrims pray and revere in reaction…

Soldering forth automobiles and tour buses like toys on parade
Command every inch of the traffic lanes to their destination
Weaving their way along the wavy tile promenade…

A loving heart seems to pulsate in this tropical place
Where the lush forest intermingles with their lives
And a feeling of peace and harmony resides…

From the wealthy to the humble mountain Favelas
And the pulsating sambas these Carioca’s co-exist
Their Portuguese pride cannot be missed…

In a land that claimed Carmen Miranda as their own
Enchanting the world with her Latin song
So many seeds of culture were sown…

And Villa-Lobos’ passion for the tropical exuberance
Created lush music with Afro-Brazilian themes
In melodies romantic and magical…

Rio casts a spell on all kinds of people
It steps to the beat of the raging waves
Cool comfort surges up before the sun’s rays…

And another day awakens in Rio de Janiero.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adirondack Soliloquy: THE BLUE CANOE By Polly Guerin

What say you about the blue canoe?
Wrought in woods from the land
Was grounded, I could not understand…

She once coasted along the forest shoreline
Solo in the innocent rusticity of this place
She was a slender beauty and had grace…

A tribute to craftsman’s sleek creation
Now painted a vivid blue, like the sky’s
Descent to darkness, she sailed no more…

But sat perched high on concrete blocks
Inside her core no wanderer paddled
But a riot of colorful field flowers spilled forth…

For she glided ‘or the lake no more
No watery grave for this blue beauty
She was painted like a tarty courtesan…

In deep marine blue, and she knew her duty
Serving as a tourist attraction
I invite your reaction…

Should the Blue Canoe be so confined?
Her liberty is what I mind
I'd rather see her ply the waters.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


With the gentle stroke of the paddle

A lone canoe glided on the mirror-like lake

Through the morning mist…

During the tedious torture of that hot summer

At morning’s break, the sun standing at a distance

Glared in yellow mango over the parched earth…

The blue sky seemed burnt ablaze like liquid gold

Casting image reflections onto the cool waters

The intense heat almost unendurable…

The tedious torture of that hot summer

Bore down unrelentlessly with a vengeance

While the shrill voice of nature awoke…

In the distance the plaintiff call of an unseen loon

Transported us into the wilderness

Plying the waters along the forest of ancient cedars…

On the shore they went through the shrubbery and

Down a walk bordered with myriad of colorful field flowers

There the birds sang a chorus of welcome…

A cooing pair of ring-doves slept in the honeysuckle

And a whippoorwill had settled in a giant cedar

Sending forth its morning message…

Suddenly a silent gloomy stillness filled the air

And a light breeze sprang from the blue depths

Of the lake dispensing cool comfort…

But a sharp shivering rain began to fall

The rising wind sobbed and wailed mournfully

Surrounding a rustic cabin where they took refuge…

And across the silent, gloomy stillness

Thunderous rain fell on the earth

And poured out its anger on the agonized heat…

Giving the prematurely darkened day,

Night before its time

Drawing sultry July to an end.