Thursday, September 27, 2012

THE STREAM OF LIFE (c) By Polly Guerin

The ever changing attitude of the stream

At once calm and quiet reflects our dream

Sometimes it rests dormant in shallow waters

And gives us time to pause in our quarters

To reflect upon the never ending steady course

Yet at times life speeds forward without remorse

A day interrupted may bring change in the narrows

Steady on we overcome obstacles stifling sorrows

There is something about water, the sea, the pond

That soothes life’s tribulations with silent sound

Though hardship may seem an inescapable end

Look to the gentle waters to calm and surrend

With the slightest change in the water’s flow

Like the stream, life continues, this we know

We maneuver away from obstacles in our path

Facing challenges with renewed vigor, not wrath

Knowing our actions determine the flow of life

Whether it be more peaceful or full of strife

Reach instead for the gentle pools to comply

While the water’s well-spring brings supply.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

COURAGE (c) By Polly Guerin

Courage does not always loom large

It can be a small voice that barks

A simple comment at the end of the day

That dispenses courage without delay

To know you’ll try again tomorrow

Forget disappointment and sorrow

Unleash your creative spirit and soar

Unfettered by naysayers and bores

Take the journey back to yourself

Put the inner critic on the shelf

Determine to rise to higher acclaim

Let hope and possibility be your aim

Surprise yourself to do something new

Believe in success even when you’re blue

Honor and encourage your intuition

You’re heading on a different mission

Live life like you had another chance

Dance in the moonlight and find romance

Challenge optimism determined to rename

Write a brand new story and a new refrain

Embrace change and become a new you

With courage and conviction to renew!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

SWEET BIRDSONG (c) By Polly Guerin

Where have all the sweet birdsong gone

The happy, chirping, cheery, cherished song?

The city cacophony muted, dimmed their voice

Drummed out by noise they had no choice

The city sparrow seems the bravest of all

But I do not hear the fair Robin’s call

Even the Blue Jay has left the city park

He’s gone off to find a mate before dark

A woodpecker once lived behind a brownstone

But he is there no more, his work dethroned

The city barren of songbird’s happy sounds

Concrete and steel, nature cannot rebound

Sea gulls come up from the east side

Flying in the city canyons with pride

But they too are silent in their flight

A welcome diversion they leave by night

Pigeons claim the streets as their own

Their flocks bring not a whimper but roam

Somewhere nature is beckoning our desire

It’s beauty yet to set our hearts on fire

The loss of the dulcet sounds of nature that soothe

Soon enough, you yourself may be silenced and brood.

Monday, September 3, 2012

POSITIVE JOY (c) By Polly Guerin

A cloud or two may suddenly appear

Only temporary setbacks never fear

Sparkling days are yet to come

Scatter beams of joy to everyone

A sunny outlook will warm the day

Cancel disappoint along the way

Express joy actively and renew

The spirit of positively feeling true

Radiate joy from the center of your heart

Your happiness granted from the start

Joy is infused with wonderful power

Quickens the mind no need to cower

Joy fills the environment all around

It silences negativity with sonic sound

A joyful heart spreads its positive rays

Let your joy shine happiness and praise

Joy emanates from your inner glow

Producing order and satisfaction to know

That a joyful heart stimulates gladness

In a world so full of needless sadness.