Friday, February 25, 2011


Sometimes our dreams seem curtailed

Review your faith, it never fails

Lasso your elusive stars

Fulfilled dreams are not too far

Live the life you imagined

Create it as you fashioned

Revel in each day’s re-birth

Give thanks you were put on earth

Recall the dreams of long ago

Create them in daily time and know

Thou life seems short changed

Remember happiness is within range

Start living your dreams, why wait!

Open the welcome gate

“Why reach for the moon

When you have the stars?

*Inspired last line in the film, "Now Voyager" (1942) when Bette Davis says to Jerry, "Why reach for the moon, when we have the stars."

Meaning: If you reach for the moon, or reach for the stars, you are going to achieve something great, or do something challenging.

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