Friday, January 28, 2011

RE-ENCHANTMENT (c) By Polly Guerin

“Chanter” (French) sing out loud beyond measure
Follow your instincts give everyone pleasure

It’s time to fall in love with the simplicity of life again
Forget routine, the daily grind every itty bitty sin

Be enchanted as you never did before
Daydream and travel to distant shores

See the world let your imagination take flight
Gaze at the multitude of dazzling stars at night

Remember to make a wish upon a star
Answers granted are on their way, not too far

Count your blessing, taste life a little
Soften a disappointed heart that’s brittle

Suspend disbelief say, “Yes” help yourself
To abundant joys waiting on the shelf

Allow a deep sense of beauty to be your plan
Do it now!!! Just because you can

Seize the moment, let your hair down
Go barefoot on the grass wear a fairy crown

Forgive your shortcomings, clear your mind
Laugh until you cry happy, the joyful kind

Create time and space, go there and find joy
Become re-enchanted like a little girl or boy

Discover the secret dreams you let slip away
Thrill to the moment with delight, be gay

There’s no point in wearing a disappointed frown
Live life to the fullest and wear a magical gown

Dare yourself each day to be re-enchanted
Get carried away, a beautiful life is granted.

Inspired by the writing of Father Paul A. Keenan

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