Thursday, August 25, 2011

COPACABANA VISTA (c) By Polly Guerin

From the 37th Floor of the Windsor Atlantica Hotel Rio de Janiero, Brazil 8/22/11

High in the clouds overlooking Copacabana’s curvilinear coastline
The singing sea rolls in on crashing waves to the sandy shore
I gaze out my hotel window in awe….

Hovering above in the clouds on Corcovado cliff, visible today
Christ the Redeemer outstretches its arms with compassion
Where pilgrims pray and revere in reaction…

Soldering forth automobiles and tour buses like toys on parade
Command every inch of the traffic lanes to their destination
Weaving their way along the wavy tile promenade…

A loving heart seems to pulsate in this tropical place
Where the lush forest intermingles with their lives
And a feeling of peace and harmony resides…

From the wealthy to the humble mountain Favelas
And the pulsating sambas these Carioca’s co-exist
Their Portuguese pride cannot be missed…

In a land that claimed Carmen Miranda as their own
Enchanting the world with her Latin song
So many seeds of culture were sown…

And Villa-Lobos’ passion for the tropical exuberance
Created lush music with Afro-Brazilian themes
In melodies romantic and magical…

Rio casts a spell on all kinds of people
It steps to the beat of the raging waves
Cool comfort surges up before the sun’s rays…

And another day awakens in Rio de Janiero.

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