Sunday, August 28, 2011

ON GOD'S MOUNTAIN (c) By Polly Guerin

On God’s Mountain
Rio de Janiero, Brazil August 19, 2011

The concrete colossus, by man, planted in the sky

Christ the Redeemer majestic on Corcovado cliff

Softens the heart of the mixed masses of Rio

With arms outstretched it exudes peace and brio

It towers over skyscrapers and the lush primeval forest

World tourists and pilgrims come to stand in awe and rest

They pray to the greatest symbol of the eternal City

Transforming the penitents and tourists with pity

The Redeemer’s arms gather all the faithful forgiving,

Head bowed Christ’s face looks down on the living

Awestruck by the Redeemer’s powerful attraction

The colossal Wonder of the World is their reaction to

An Art Deco style wrought by the sculptor Landowski

Redeemer’s monumental presence is the gateway to humility

The key that opens the door to Brazil’s spiritual world

This architectural Christ dignifies with beauty unfurled

Welcoming all of mankind, not just Rio.

What a marvel it is to be on God’s mountain!!!

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